Tariq Abdelhamid, Ph.D.

Construction Management Program


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§         Organized a 2-day academic forum on Lean Construction – 3/28-29/2002.

§         Organized a one-day seminar on Lean Construction for industry –3/27/2002

§         Meeting Chair and presenter, Lean Construction Academic Forum – 4th Atlanta 2/14/2004.

§         Program Manager, Basic Construction Management Training, Haworth, Inc.; $350,000; 12 four-day workshops (March 2005 – July 2008)

§         Summit General Chair, 2007 Lean Construction Summit, East Lansing, MI (16-22 July 2007 www.iglc15.org )

§         Speaker/Instructor:

o        The 2001 HFES 45th Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, Minnesota, October 8-12, 2001.

o        The 10th Annual Conference for Lean Construction, 6-8 August 2002, Gramado, Brazil.

o        The Associated Steel Erectors of Chicago on 10/31/2002 (Scheduling Techniques)

o        The 6th Annual Applied Ergonomics Conference.  March 11-13, 2003, Dallas, Texas.

o        Inspector Training Program and Engineering Workshop, Michigan State University 3/10-‎‎11/2003 (Scheduling Horizontal Directional Drilling)

o        The American Institute of Constructors, Lansing, MI 5/28/03 (Lean Construction).

o        The 11th Annual Conference for Lean Construction, 22-24 July 2003, Blacksburg, Virginia

o        The 12th Annual Conference for Lean Construction, 03-06 August 2004, Helsingør, Denmark.

o        The 2004 Professional Development Day, 10/18/2004, Lansing, MI

o        The International Workshop on Innovations in Materials and Design of Civil Infrastructure, December 28-29, 2005, Cairo, Egypt.

o        Construction Scheduling Basics, University of Michigan (April 06).

o        Construction Scheduling Basics, South Korean VIP Program, Michigan State University (April 2006).

o        Construction Scheduling Basics, South Korean VIP Program, Michigan State University (May 2007).

o        Assessment of occupational safety and health competencies using signal detection theory, ‎‎18th Annual Construction Safety Conference, 12-14 February 2008, Rosemont, Illinois.

o        Lean Construction: A New Paradigm for Managing Projects, AIA Mid-Michigan, Lansing, Michigan ( June 2008)

o        International Group for Lean Construction 16th Annual Meeting, 16-18 July 2008, Manchester, UK

o        Panelist, Lean Construction Summer School, 19-20 July 2008, Manchester, UK.


University/Department Service

§         Undergraduate Program Coordinator

§         Department Advisory Committee

§         Department Graduate Committee

§         Department Search Committee

§         Department Scholarship Committee

§         Department Academics Committee (Chair 2004-2007)

§         University Academic/Faculty Council – 2002/2003

§         School of Planning, Design, and Construction, PhD Development Committee

§         College of  Agriculture and Natural Recourse, Excellence in Teaching Task Force (chair ‎‎2005-2006)

§         College of  Agriculture and Natural Recourse, College Advisory Committee (2005-2007)



§         2002-2003 Lilly Teaching Fellow - Michigan State University

§         1994-1999, Research and Teaching Assistantships, University of Michigan


Professional Memberships

§         International Group for Lean Construction, Member

§         Lean Construction Institute, Faculty Member

§         American Society of Civil Engineers, Associate Member

§         ASCE- Construction Institute, Member

§         Human Factors and Ergonomic Society, Member

§         International Society of Six Sigma Professionals, Member


Student Activities

§         Conduct review seminars on scheduling for students entering the AC exam

§         Student Builders and Contractors Associations / Sigma Lambda Chi

§         Speaker, graduate seminar on Construction Research

§         Faculty advisor, Technical Writing course (graduate) – spring 2004


Professional Service

·         Reviewer:

§         Wiley

§         Prentice Hall

§         The U.S. Civilian Research & Development Foundation (CRDF)

§         The Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) in Doha, Qatar

§         Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council [EPSRCUnited Kingdom]

§         ASCE Journal of Construction Engineering and Management

§         ASCE Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice

§         ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering

§         ASCE Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering

§         Journal of Construction Management and Economics

§         International Journal of Construction Education and Research

§         Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering

§         The American Professional Constructor Journal

§         The Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering

§         Journal of Green Building

§         Journal of Cost Analysis and Management

§         Journal of Automation in Construction

§         International Journal of Production Research

·         Co-Editor; Lean Construction Journal (www.leanconstructionjournal.org)

·         Chair, Lean Construction Institute Academic Forum

·         Member, Lean Construction Institute Board of Directors

·         Guest, Lean Construction Steering Team, Walbridge Aldinger, Detroit, MI.

·         Member, International Panel, BYG.SOL – Cooperation and Learning in the Danish Construction Industry

  • Member, American Society of Civil Engineers, Construction Institute Site Safety Committee and OSHA Alliance Sub-Committee
  • Member, American Society of Civil Engineers, Construction Institute Prevention by Design Safety Committee
  • Member, NIOSH - NORA Traumatic Injury Workgroup
  • Member, NIOSH - NORA Disparities In Health And Safety In Construction Workgroup
  • Member, Construction Productivity Panel, Construction Economics Research Network (CERN)

·         Member, Board of Referees for the International Group on Lean Construction Annual Conferences

·         Member, Board of Referees for ASCE’s 2005 Construction Research Congress

·         Investigator, Construction Innovation Forum NOVA Awards – 2000

·         External PhD Examiner; Ghaffar Imtiaz (2007) “Lean Production System to Enhance Performance in Operations: An Empirical study of Malaysian Construction Industry”. University of Malaya, Malaysia

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