Department of Telecommunication
413 Communication Arts and Sciences Building
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI  48824
(5l7) 353-6336 phone
(517) 355-1292 fax


     B.B.A., Marketing, University of Cincinnati, l956
     M.A., Journalism, University of Iowa, l962
     Ph.D., Communication, Michigan State University, l966


     Professor, jointly appointed in the Department of      Telecommunication and Department of Communication; Chairman, Mass Media Ph.D. Program, l972-1990.  Associate Professor, l968-l972; Assistant Professor, l967-l968; Instructor, l965-l967, College of Communication Arts and Sciences, Michigan State University.

     Honorable Visiting Professor, Chinese University of
Hong Kong, 1987.  Board of Directors, Dowden Center for Telecommunication Studies, University of Georgia.  Fellow, National Cable Television Center and Museum.


     Research/consulting:  National Science Foundation; Corporation for Public Broadcasting; Michigan Joint Legislative Committee on Cable Television; Wisconsin Educational Communication Board; City of East Lansing; Michigan Cable Television Association; West Michigan Telecasters, Inc., Grand Rapids, Michigan; McHugh and Hoffman, Inc., Television and Advertising Research, McLean, Virginia; WRVR-FM, New York; WKAR-AM-FM-TV, East Lansing, Michigan; Minnesota Cable Communication Board; City of Portage, Michigan; Frank Magid; AT&T; Michigan Bell Telephone; Coaxial Communications, Columbus, Ohio; City of Rockford, Illinois; Meridian Township, Michigan; United Cable Television of Oakland County, Michigan; United Cable Television of Mid-Michigan; Horizon Cable Television,
Charlotte, Michigan; TCI, Denver, Colorado; U.S. Department of
Energy; Prentice-Hall; Century Telephone; Korean Broadcasting Institute.  Curriculum consultant: Youngstown State University, Grand Valley State University, Clarke College.

 l960-l961  News Editor, WSUI Radio.
     l959-l960  Public Relations Director and member of the Advertising Department, OMC Engines and Equipment Division, Outboard Marine Corporation (Lawn-Boy power mowers, Pioneer chain saws).

     l956-l959  Public Information Officer, Ninth Coast Guard District.

     l955-l956  Advertising Department, Baldwin Piano Company.


     National Science Foundation grant to study media environments in a variety of community types and assess future effects new communication technologies on media environments.

     Michigan Department of Mental Health-Michigan Bar Association grant to design and evaluate a communication system for remote location testimony in commitment hearings.

     National Science Foundation series of grants to design, implement and evaluate two-way cable television in public administration.

     Venture Fund (Ford Foundation) Grant for development of interactive computer aided television instruction.

     National Science Foundation telecommunication policy research planning grant.

     Corporation for Public Broadcasting study to determine methods for ascertaining community needs.

 National Science Foundation grant to develop and evaluate a social service delivery system via cable television.

     National Institute of Mental Health, Surgeon General's study of televised violence.

     Office of Education, Department of Health, Education and Welfare study of redundancy in audio-visual message elements.


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 1997 Cable Book Award, National Cable Television Center and

 Distinguished Faculty Award, Michigan State University,  1976.

 Phi Kappa Phi, 1964.

 NDEA Doctoral Fellowship, 1963-65.

 DAVI Memorial Scholarship, 1964.

 Sigma Delta Chi, First Award, Radio/Television News, 1963.

 Alice M. House Award, Debate, University of Cincinnati, 1954.


 Capital Campaign Cabinet, Grand Rapids Community Media Center

 Cable Commission, East Lansing, Michigan

 East Lansing Community Network Task Force

 Broadcast Education Association

 Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication