Robert J. Tempelman

Department of Animal Science

Adjunct Professor
Department of Statistics and Probability

Phone: 517 355-8445
FAX: 517 353-1699
Office:1205 Anthony Hall



MSU AgBioResearch
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Michigan State University


Research Program

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My research program is focused on the development and applications of statistical models to common problems in quantitative genetics and genomics research.  Topic areas include the following:


* Prediction of genetic/genomic merit within heterogeneous environments.


* Evaluation of experimental designs for animal sciences and genomics research.


* Flexible hierarchical modeling extensions for genomics research and for dairy cattle management.



The following are courses that I regularly teach

Statistics for Biologists

Advanced Statistics for Biologists

Statistical Consulting

I am also a consulting statistician for the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station.  I am currently co-director (along with Dr. Sasha Kravchenko) of the CANR Statistical Consulting Center (SCC).  If you are a CANR or MAES affiliated researcher desiring some statistical support, collaboration, or simply just some advice, please contact the SCC by email at


Contact Information:
Robert J. Tempelman
Department of Animal Science
1205 Anthony Hall
474 S. Shaw Lane
Michigan State University
East Lansing, Michigan

U.S.A. 48824-1225
Phone: (517)355-8445
Fax: (517) 353-1699

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