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Casey P. terHorst
Research Associate
Kellogg Biological Station
Michigan State University
3700 East Gull Lake Drive
Hickory Corners, MI  49060

(269) 671-2237

Starting as Assistant Professor at California State University, Northridge in Fall 2013!
CSUN Biology
Now accepting Master's students. Click here for more information

My research combines theoretical and experimental approaches that bridge the gap between evolutionary biology and community ecology. I am interested in how evolution on contemporary time scales alters the outcome of species interactions and affects species and genetic diversity in communities.

However, species in natural communities interact with many other species, so evolutionary outcomes are the result of multiple direct and indirect species interactions. Consequently, I also examine the evolutionary importance of indirect species interactions to better understand how species evolve in a community context

I have explored these questions theoretically and in a number of natural systems, including California grasslands, pitcher plant inquiline communities, subtidal seagrass beds, congeneric sea urchin species, and marine fouling communities.

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