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Major manuscript collections

For major Irving/Terry manuscript collections in the UK, including the Laurence Irving Collection at the Theatre Museum, the Bram Stoker Collection at the Shakespeare Centre Library in Stratford-upon-Avon (on microfilm, see below), the Percy Fitzgerald Collection at the Garrick Club (on microfilm, see below), the University of Bristol Theatre Collection, and the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum in Bournemouth, see www.backstage.ac.uk.

More than 40 other manuscript collections containing Irving/Terry material, mostly those of local historical societies and libraries, can be found at the "Access to Archives" (A2A) website. Type in "Henry Irving" or "Ellen Terry" in the search box.

Microfilm: "Actors and Managers of the English and American Stage: Series One: The Papers of Henry Irving and Ellen Terry from the Shakespeare Centre Library, Stratford-upon-Avon, Parts One and Two." (The Bram Stoker Collection.) Harvester Microform, now distributed by Primary Source Microfilm. 30 reels.

Microfilm: "The Garrick Club Collections: The Life and Work of Henry Irving," 22 scrapbooks collected and arranged by Percy Fitzgerald. (Henry Irving: His Life and Characters Illustrated by Portraits, Scenes, and Sketches Together with Criticisms by Clement Scott.) ProQuest Information and Learning/UMI Research Collections. 11 reels.

Major American collections of Irving/Terry manuscript and printed material include:

Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, D.C. Includes printed copies of most of Irving's writings and speeches, printed copies of Shakespeare's plays as arranged for production at the Lyceum, a microfilm copy of the promptbook for Irving's 1888 production of Macbeth, letters to and from Irving (most dated between 1860 and 1904), a group of letters from theatre critic William Winter, and a substantial part of Irving's personal library.

Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin. Items of interest here include the Edward Gordon Craig Collection, 1901-1943; the William Winter Papers, 1857-1920; and the George Bernard Shaw Collection. Craig (1872-1966) was Ellen Terry's son, an actor in juvenile parts at Irving's Lyceum, and a noted twentieth-century stage designer; Winter (1836-1917) was theatre critic for the New York Tribune from 1865 to 1909 and close personal friend of Irving's; Shaw (1856-1950) was a theater critic, playwright, and Irving nemesis.

The Huntington Library, San Marino, California. The "Letters of Sir Henry Irving, 1880-1904" collection here includes more than 100 letters written by Irving to Clement Scott, theatre critic of the Daily Telegraph. The collection also contains press clippings and miscellaneous programmes. The library holds additional letters by Irving that are not part of this collection. It also boasts proof sheets of the incidental music for Irving's 1888 production of Macbeth, which was composed by Arthur Sullivan.

Houghton Library / Harvard Theatre Collection, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Among the many treasures here are the Shakespeare Promptbook Collection, which includes Irving's promptbooks for Hamlet and Richard III; the George Bernard Shaw Papers, 1897-1939, which include the playwright's reminiscences of Irving; a collection of press notices compiled by George Alexander related to the 1887-88 American tour of the Lyceum company; some scrapbooks and correspondence.

University of Rochester, Rochester, New York. The Irving-Disher Collection in the Rush Rhees Library contains six boxes of material, including correspondence, financial records, and memorabilia, assembled by Maurice Willson Disher (1893-1969), English critic and author.

The Claremont Colleges, Claremont, California. The Irving/Terry/Craig Collection, part of the Geraldine Womack and Norman D. Philbrick Library of Dramatic Literature and Theatre History at the Honnold/Mudd Library, includes diaries, scapbooks, typescripts, manuscripts, photographs, newspaper clippings, letters written by prominent theatrical and literary figures, theatre programs, playbills, prospectuses, proofs, theatrical designs, and original wood engravings by Craig.


Correspondence project

The Henry Irving Foundation, established by John H.B. Irving (Sir Henry's great-grandson) aims to record the Victorian actor’s correspondence and fully illustrate his life, career, and achievement in raising the reputation and status of the theatre in nineteenth-century Britain and North America. Irving’s correspondence is widely distributed, with three British archives having major holdings. The Victoria & Albert Museum Theatre Collections hold the largest number of letters, from collections acquired from and given by the actor’s grandson and biographer Laurence Irving. Collections at the Shakespeare Centre Library in Stratford-upon-Avon and Leeds University Library derive from Irving’s acting manager, Bram Stoker. Other British and American libraries and archives hold items containing valuable additional information. The Correspondence project aims to draw these sources together for the use of all those interested in the history of the theatre and its place in Victorian society. The managers of the Sir Henry Irving Correspondence Project include Frances Hughes, chairman of the Irving Society; Helen Smith, formerly of the Theatre Museum; and John H. B. Irving.

Irving in the periodical press: newspaper, magazine, and journal articles about Henry Irving and his circle published between 1871 and 1905

Writings of Henry Irving and Ellen Terry

Irving, Henry. The Drama. New York: Tait, Sons & Co., 1892. Includes four speeches: "The Stage As It Is" (delivered at Edinburgh in 1881); "The Art of Acting" (delivered at Harvard University in 1885); "Four Great Actors" (delivered at Oxford University in 1886); and "The Art of Acting" (delivered at Edinburgh in 1891).

Irving, Henry. Preface to François Joseph Talma, Talma on The Actor's Art. London, Bickers and Son, 1883. (An English translation of Réflexions sur Lekain et sur l'art théâtral.)

Irving, Henry. English Actors: Their Characteristics and Their Methods. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1886.

The Henry Irving Shakespeare. Edited by Henry Irving and Frank A. Marshall with illustrations by Gordon Browne; published by Blackie & Son. Eight volumes published between 1888 and 1890. Volume I includes Irving's essay "Shakespeare as a Playwright."

Irving, Henry. "The Character of Macbeth: Address Delivered at Columbia College, New York, on 20th November, 1895." New York: 1895.

Irving, Henry. "The Study of Shakespeare in Small Communities." Windsor Magazine 17: 96 ("Xmas Number," December 1902), 100-110.

Irving, Henry. Shakespeare and Bacon. 1902.

Irving, Henry; Coquelin, Constant; and Boucicault, Dion. The Art of Acting. New York: Dramatic Museum of Columbia University, 1926. Includes "Actors and Acting" by Coquelin; "M. Coquelin on Actors and Acting" by Irving; "Coquelin-Irving," by Boucicault; "A Reply to Mr. Henry Irving" by Coquelin; and "A Reply to Mr. Dion Boucicault" by Coquelin.

Terry, Ellen. The Story of My Life. London: Hutchinson & Co., 1908. Also see Ellen Terry's Memoirs. Ed. Edith Craig and Christopher St. John. New York: Putnam, 1932.

ALSO: Many important primary documents have been collected by Jeffrey Richards in Sir Henry Irving: Theatre, Culture and Society--Essays, Addresses, and Lectures (Keele University Press, 1994), which brings together 36 essays and speeches by Irving, arranged in four parts (Irving's philosophy of acting, theatre in general, the social role of the stage, and Shakespeare) with a substantial and useful introduction. For a list of the documents included in this book, click here.

Souvenir programmes for Lyceum productions
[click title for JPG facsimile]

FAUST [JPG coming soon]: Joseph Hatton. The Lyceum Faust. London: J. S. Virtue & Co., 1886.

MACBETH: Partridge, Bernard, and Cattermole, Charles. Souvenir of Macbeth: Produced at the Lyceum Theater by Henry Irving, 29th December, 1888, by William Shakespeare. London: Cassell, 1888.

THE DEAD HEART: Souvenir of The Dead Heart by Watts Phillips: Presented at the Lyceum Theatre by Henry Irving, 28 Sept., 1889. London: Cassell, 1889.

RAVENSWOOD: Partridge, Bernard. Souvenir of Ravenswood: A Play by Herman Merivale, from the Story of "The Bride of Lammermoor." Presented at the Lyceum Theatre, 20th Sept., 1890, by Henry Irving. London: Cassell, 1890.

HENRY VIII: Partridge, J. Bernard; Telbin, W.; Harker, J.; and Hawes Craven. Souvenir of Shakespeare's Historical Play King Henry the Eighth, Presented at the Lyceum Theatre, 5th January 1892, by Henry Irving. London: The "Black and White" Publishing Company, Ltd.

KING LEAR: Partridge, Bernard, and Hawes Craven. Souvenir of Shakespeare's Tragedy, King Lear: Presented at the Lyceum Theatre, 10th November, 1892, by Henry Irving. London: Offices of Black and White, 1892.

BECKET: Partridge, Bernard. Souvenir of Becket, by Alfred, Lord Tennyson; First Presented at the Lyceum Theatre, 6th Feb., 1893, by Henry Irving.

KING ARTHUR: Partridge, Bernard, and Hawes Craven. Souvenir of King Arthur, presented at the Lyceum Theatre. London: Cassell & Co. 1895.

MADAME SANS-GENE: Souvenir of Madame Sans-Gêne: A Comedy in a Prologue & Three Acts. London: G. Bell, 1897.

DANTE [JPG coming soon]: Souvenir of Dante. New York: R.H. Russell, 1903.

Music used in Lyceum productions

"Arthur Sullivan: Incidental Music for Macbeth, King Arthur, The Merry Wives of Windsor." Performed by the RTE Concert Orchestra, Dublin, conducted by Andrew Penny. Marco Polo CD 8.223635, 1993. Contains substantial excerpts of Sullivan's incidental music for Irving's productions of Macbeth (1888) and King Arthur (1895).

Mackenzie, Alexander. "Sir Henry Irving and Music: Some Reminiscences." The Musical Times 46, no. 753 (November 1, 1905): 714-716.

Mayer, David. "Nineteenth Century Theatre Music." Theatre Notebook 30: 3 (1976): 115-122.

Mayer, David, and Scott, D. Four Bars of Agit: Incidental Music for Victorian and Edwardian Melodrama. London: Samuel French, 1983.


DeLong, Kenneth. "Stanford, Tennyson, and Irving at the Lyceum Theatre 1876-93." Victorian Studies Association of Western Canada Newsletter 10:1 ( 1984): 24-27.

DeLong, Kenneth, and Denis Salter. "C. V. Stanford's Incidental Music to Henry Irving's Production of Tennyson's Becket." Theatre History Studies 3 (1983): 69-86.

Mayer, David, ed. Henry Irving and The Bells: Irving's Personal Script of the Play by Leopold Lewis. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1980. Includes a discussion of the play's incidental music.

Tetens, Kristan. "Commemorating the French Revolution on the Victorian Stage: Henry Irving's The Dead Heart," Nineteenth Century Theatre and Film, vol. 32, no. 2 (Winter 2005): 36-69.

The Huntington Library in San Marino, California, holds proof sheets of the incidental music for the 1888 production of Macbeth, composed by Arthur Sullivan.


Tetens, Kristan. "Commemorating the French Revolution on the Victorian Stage: Henry Irving's The Dead Heart," Nineteenth Century Theatre and Film, vol. 32, no. 2 (Winter 2005): 36-69.

Irving's estate: catalogues

Catalogue of the Collection of Theatrical Relics, Costumes, Bronzes, Silver, Furniture and Decorative Objects, the property of Sir Henry Irving ... which (by order of the executors) will be sold by auction by Messrs. Christie, Manson & Woods ... on Thursday, December 14, 1905, and following day. London: Christie, Manson and Woods, 1905.

Catalogue of the Collection of Ancient and Modern Pictures, Water-Colour Drawings and Theatrical Portraits; the property of Sir Henry Irving ... which ... will be sold by auction by Messrs. Christie, Manson & Woods ... December 16, 1905. London: W. Clowes, 1905.

Catalogue of the Valuable Library and the Collection of Old Play-Bills and Theatrical Prints of Sir Henry Irving ... which (by the order of the executors) will be sold by auction by Christie, Manson & Woods ... on Monday, December 18, 1905. London: Christie, Manson and Woods, 1905.

Illustrated Catalogue of Books from the Library of Sir Henry Irving including many presentation and annotated copies, also personal relics and paintings and drawings from his collections, for sale ... London: H. Sotheran & Co., 1906.

Books and essays about Henry Irving and his circle by his contemporaries

Archer, William, and Lowe, Robert William. The Fashionable Tragedian: A Criticism. Edinburgh: T. Gray and Co., 1877.

Archer, William. Henry Irving: A Short Account of His Public Life. New York: W. S. Gottsberger, 1883.

Archer, William. Henry Irving, Actor and Manager: A Critical Study. London: Field & Tuer, 1883.

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British Library Publishing: "Voices of History 2: Arts, Science & Exploration." Two-disc audio CD, ISBN 0712305238, published in 2005. Irving reads from Richard III; Ellen Terry reads multiple parts from Hamlet. Available from the British Library bookshop and online.

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"Great Historical Shakespeare Recordings" (Naxos audiobook); a two-CD set with tracks selected and provided by Eliot Levin. ISBN 962634200 (CD 1 is N2200012; CD 2 is NA2200022).  On CD 1, Ellen Terry reads Ophelia, Juliet, and Portia. Also on CD 1, Henry Irving reads Cardinal Wolsey and Richard III. On CD 1, Bransby Williams does a version of Irving as Mathias in The Bells. "Eric Jones-Evans once told me that Williams's imitation was very faithful to the original, a production he had seen scores of times, as had Eric," says Denis Salter of McGill University.

"Ellen Terry: A Reminiscence" (sound recording) with John Carroll and Sybil Thorndyke. 1972.

Recordings of Irving and Terry:

Henry Irving - Richard III - "Now is the winter..." - 1898 [1:39]




Ellen Terry - The Merchant of Venice - "The quality of mercy..." - 1911 [1:46]




Ellen Terry - Much Ado About Nothing - "I have brought Claudio..." [MP3; will open in player] [2:27]
Audio file courtesy of Denis Salter, Professor of Theatre, McGill University


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