Who Was Who at the Lyceum Theatre

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Edwin Abbey:

Arnott: Stage carpenter/technician.

Lena Ashwell (1872-1957): Actress; biography and photos online at http://collectorspost.com/ashwell.htm.

Louis Frederick Austin: Irving's personal secretary.

Meredith Ball: Musical director and composer; succeeded Hamilton Clarke.

Squire Bancroft: Actor.

Austin Brereton:

Angela Burdett-Coutts:
See Mary Spencer-Warren, “The Baroness Burdett-Coutts,” Strand Magazine 7 (1894); Duchess of Teck, Baroness Burdett-Coutts: A Sketch of Her Public Life and Work (London, 1893).

Sir Edward Burne-JonesSir Edward Burne-Jones:









Hall Caine: Novelist and playwright.

Alice Comyns Carr:

Joseph Comyns Carr:

Hamilton Clarke: Irving's first musical director. From Ellen Terry's The Story of My Life: "No one was cleverer than Hamilton Clarke...a most gifted composer...at carrying out [Irving's] instructions. [Clarke] often grew angry and flung out of the theatre, saying that it was quite impossible to do what Mr. Irving wanted. 'Patch it together, indeed!' he used to say to me indignantly ...'Mr. Irving knows nothing about music, or he couldn't ask me to do such a thing.' But the next day he would return with the score altered on the lines suggested by Henry, and would confess that the music was improved. 'Upon my soul, it's better! The 'Guv'nor' was perfectly right.' Clarke composed music for the Lyceum Hamlet and The Merchant of Venice. He did not, as Terry states, compose the music for the Brocken scene in Faust (that was done by Ball). According to Terry, Clarke's "brilliant gifts ... 'o'er-leaped' themselves, and he ended his days in a lunatic asylum."

Walter Collinson: Irving's dresser/valet.

Edith (Edy) Craig: Terry's daughter; appeared in small parts; assisted in costume design and construction.

Edward Gordon Craig: Terry's son; appeared in small parts.

Hawes Craven:

Winifred Emery (1862-1924): Actress; joined the Lyceum company in 1881. Her parts included Marissa and Jessica in The Merchant of Venice and Olivia in Twelfth Night. Biography and photos online at: http://collectorspost.com/Emery.htm.

Percy Fitzgerald:

Joseph Harker:

Joseph Hatton:

Sarah (Sally) Holland: Ellen Terry's dresser.

Joseph Hurst: Box office manager.

Henry Irving (1838-1905): Actor-manager; lessee of the Lyceum Theatre from 1878 to 1902.

Georg Jacobi (1840-1906): Composer. Jacobi trained as a violinist at the Paris Conservatoire. In 1869 he was named conductor of the Bouffes-Parisiens. He became conductor of the Alhambra in London in 1871. During his 26-year career there, Jacobi composed more than 100 ballets and divertissements. He wrote two scores for Lyceum productions: one for The Dead Heart (1889), the other for Robespierre (1899). Manuscript scores for both productions, along with Jacobi's scrapbook, are in the Jacobi Collection, Theatre Museum, London.

Cecilia (Cissy) Loftus (1876-1943): Actress; biography and photos online at http://collectorspost.com/Cissy.htm.

Walter Lacy: Sometime-adviser to Irving for his productions of Shakespeare.

H. J. Loveday:

William Margetson:


Alexander Mackenzie

Alexander Mackenzie: Composer.









F. A. (Frank) Marshall:

John Martin-Harvey: Actor.

Bernard Partridge:

Kate Phillips:

W. H. (Walter Herries) Pollock: Playwright. Adapter of The Dead Heart (1889).

Edward Righton: Actor.

Sardou Victorien Sardou: Playwright.


Arthur Stirling:

Bram Stoker: Business manager.

William Telbin:

William Terriss: Actor.

Ellen Terry: Irving's leading lady at the Lyceum Theatre from 1878 to 1902.

Frank Tyars:


W. G. Wills   W.G. Wills: Playwright.