North Korea Nuclear Tests

North Korea has conducted six nuclear tests since 2006.

Event information of six NKNTs

Event information of the six nuclear test are summarized by Yao et al., 2018, SRL.

Table 1. Summary of event information of North Koare’s six nuclear tests

No.DateTimeLatitudeLongitudeDepth (m)Yield (kt)

The event information of six nuclear tests are also available in plain text (NKNT.dat) and Google Earth KML format (NKNT.kml).

North Korea’s September 3 2017 Nuclear Test

Main Shock

On 3 September 2017, North Korea conducted sixth nuclear test, which is the largest.

For details of the source characteristic of the 2017 test, see Yao et al., 2018, SRL.

Collapse event 8.5 minutes after the 2017 test

The 2017 test had resulted in an on-site collapse of the Mt. Mantap.

For details of the collapse event after the 2017 test, see Tian et al., 2018, GRL.

Seismicty Triggered by the 2017 test

The 2017 test triggered an earthquake swarm 8.4 km north of the nuclear test site.

For details of the earthquake swarm after the 2017 test, see Tian et al., 2018, GRL and Yao et al., 2018, SRL.

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