Vol. 46.2, April 2013

Editorial: Disney and Diversity
Gary Hoppenstand

“Trolling for Outcasts in Sturla Gunnarsson’s Beowulf and Grendel” by Alan S. Ambrisco

“Superflies into Superkillers: Black Masculinity in Film From Blaxploitation to New Black Realism” by Katharine Bausch

“Letting Down Our Guard: American Culture as Art and Artifice in Our Idiot Brother” by Michael J. Blouin and Morgan Shipley

“Remembering the Future: Cartooning Alternative Life Courses in Up and Future Lovers” by Casey Brienza

“No Woman is an Island: Heroes, Heroines and Power in the Gendered World of Lost” by Tarah Brookfield

“Bourgeois Rakes in Wedding Crashers: Feudal to Neo-Liberal Articulations in Modern Comedic Discourse” by Kirk Combe

“Britannia Rules the Atom: The James Bond Phenomenon and Postwar British Nuclear Culture” by Christoph Laucht

“Res Emptito Ergo Sum: Fashion and Commodity Fetishism in Sophie Kinsella’s Confessions of a Shopaholic” by Srijani Ghosh

“Egalitarian Populism on the High Plains. Or, Why are There No Parking Meters in North Dakota?” by Mark Stephen Jendrysik and Dana Michael Harsell

“Chaucer in Contemporary Mystery Novels: A Case Study in Genre Fiction, Low-Cultural Allusions, and the Pleasure of Derivative Forms” by Tison Pugh

Book Reviews

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