Vol. 46.1, February 2013

Gary Hoppenstand


Brigman Award Winner
“Forged in Love and Death: Problematic Subjects in The Vampire Diaries” by Mary Bridgeman

“The Sand/wo/man: The Unstable Worlds of Gender in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Series” by Ally Brisbin and Paul Booth

“Camping with Bigfoot: Sasquatch and the Varieties of Middle-Class Resistance to Consumer Culture in late Twentieth-Century North America” by Joshua Blu Buhs

“Broadcasting Diversity: Alan Lomax and Multiculturalism” by Rachel C. Donaldson

“The White Savior and his Junior Partner: The Lone Ranger and Tonto on Cold War Television (1949-1957)” by Michael Ray Fitzgerald

“Cowboys of the High Seas: Representations of Working-Class Masculinity on Deadliest Catch” by Lisa A. Kirby

“Hansberry’s Hidden Transcript” by Lisbeth Lipari

“The Monomyth in Star Trek (2009): Kirk & Spock Together Again for the First Time” by Donald Palumbo

“Rakim, Ice Cube then Watch the Throne: Engaged Visibility through Identity Orchestration and the Language of Hip-Hop Narratives” by David Wall Rice

“Don’t It Make My Black Face Blue: Race, Avatars, Albescence, and the Transnational Imaginary” by John G. Russell

Book Reviews

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