Vol. 46.3, June 2013

Editorial: Weird Pulp
Gary Hoppenstand


“Yeoman and Barbarians: Popular Outland Caricature and American Identity” by Mark Evans Bryan

“From Barthes to Bart: The Simpsons v Amadeus” by Justin D. Burton

“How the Slapstick Came to be Applied to Marjorie Beebe’s Bottom: Mack Sennett’s Talkie Star and Slapstick’s Roots in Commedia dell’ Arte and Pantomime” by Ian Craine

“Destabilizing Vaudeville: The Marx Brothers and the Party of the Third Part” by Rick  DesRochers

“Does Political Humor Matter? You Betcha!  Comedy TV’s Performance of the 2008 Vice Presidential Debate” by Margaret E. Duffy and Janis T. Page

“Cherchez les Femmes: Someone’s in the Kitchen with Charlotte: Classic Detective Fiction, Victorian Womanhood, and the Private Sphere in Anne Perry’s Charlotte Pitt Series” by Linda J. Holland-Toll

“‘The Better to Eat You[r Brains] With, My Dear’: Sex, Violence, and Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ as Fairy Tale Recovery Project” by Cari Keebaugh

“Seeing the Maya in the American Parlor: Illustrations as a Parallel Text in John Lloyd Stephens’ Incidents of Travel in Central America (1841)” by William E. Lenz

“The Lure of the Mob: Contemporary Cinematic Depictions of Skinhead Authenticity” by John Marmysz

“Golliwogs and Teddy Bears: Embodied Racism in Children’s Popular Culture” by Donna Varga and Rhoda Zuk


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