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Q: Do any of the JPC sponsored awards carry a cash prize?

A: Yes. The William Brigman JPC Award carries a cash prize.























































































 A W A R D S

The Journal of Popular Culture currently offers two awards: The William Brigman JPC Award and The Nye Award.


The William Brigman JPC Award. This award is for graduate students who write an article for consideration by The Journal of Popular Culture and who also plan to present a version of their article at the National Popular Culture Association Conference. The award-winning essay will receive automatic publication in the JPC (identified in the journal as the winner of The William Brigman JPC Award), as well as a $500 travel award. Graduate student articles that do not win the award, but that are considered superior, may also be published in The Journal of Popular Culture


To be considered for the award, graduate students should submit three copies of their paper (without their name on the essay) directly to the journal's office, along with a computer disk containing a file of their paper in MS Word format. Papers should be of journal-article length: 4,500-7,500 wds. They must also include in their submission package:


1. a cover letter identifying authors as graduate students applying for The William Brigman Award, along with their contact information.


2. a photocopy of their graduate student identification card,


3. a copy of the acceptance letter/email from the PCA area chair who accepted their paper for presentation in the national conference.


Authors must then present a version of their essay at the upcoming National Popular Culture Association Conference, where the winner for The William Brigman Award will be announced. Essays must ARRIVE at the journal by January 1, 2014 in order to be considered for the award.


The Nye Award. This award is offered to the author of the best article published in The Journal of Popular Culture in the past year. All authors who have had articles appear in the journal during this time frame are automatically considered for the award. The contest is judged by the Popular Culture Association, and the winner is announced each year at its national conference.