Earth Science – Tuckey
Pseudo-Science Notes

Scientific Theory – A set of ideas, predictions and conclusions based on observations that have been

tested. All scientific theories are falsifiable: that is, they have, at least in theory, the possibility of being

proven false through scientific means.


Pseudo-Science – A set of ideas based on theories put forth as scientific theories when they are not

scientific. These theories are typically not falsifiable, or they have been falsified, and adherents refuse to

accept the fact that the theories have been falsified.


Several Characteristics of pseudo-science and/or pseudo-scientists are as follows:

A Brief, Incomplete List of Many Popular Pseudo-Sciences and Topics:


Afro-centrism Alchemy Anthropometrics Aromatherapy Lunar Myths (moon)
Astrotherapy Biorhythms Cellular Memory Craniometrists Creation Science
Dianetics Enneagram Graphology Homeopathy Synchronicity
Déjà vu Lysenkoism Mesmerism Metoposcopy Multiple Personality Disorder
Myers-Briggs Naturopathy New Age Healing Auras Phrenology
Physiognomy Psychoanalysis Rorschach Test Scientology Subliminal Messages
Velikovsky von Daniken Acupuncture Mythical Monsters Aliens (many topics)
Parapsychology Atlantis Myth Bermuda Triangle Astrology Spontaneous Human Combustion
Hypnosis IQ and Race Lucid Dreaming Music Therapy Transcendental Meditation
Astral Projection Speed Reading Faith Healing Pyramidiocy Electromagnetic Fields
Feng Shui Fortune-Telling Clairvoyance Dowsing Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP)