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Manipulating Equations Worksheet

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To truly understand the physical nature of phenomena, we also must be able to create a model of the phenomena that we can easily manipulate and mold to fit the real world. Mathematics is the "language" of physics, and in so being, it requires a level of competence in order to comprehend the models that we must make. You need to be able to use a language before you can write poetry in that language.

The purpose of this sheet is to give you the opportunity to practice your mathematical manipulation skills. The problems may crop up later on, and this practice will definitely be helpful when you reach them. Significant Figures are a must.

  1. Using the following equation, solve for (find):
    1. a

    3. t

    5. 3d


  2. Using the relationship of distance, rate and time;
      1. Find what distance you would travel if you were to move at a constant rate of 4.0 m/s for a total of 5.0 minutes.

      3. Find the rate at which you must travel to make a 14-hour, 1,000.0-km journey.

      5. If you had to be in Lansing (130 km away) this evening, and you observe the speed limit on the highway, how long would you expect to be on the road?


  3. Find the ratio of the radii of a baseball to the Earth, knowing that the volume of a baseball is 3.054 x 10-3 m3, and that the Earth’s volume (considered to be a sphere) is 1.083 x 1021 m3.

  5. Use the following equation to solve for:
      1. v0

      3. a

      5. si

      7. d, if si = 2.00 m, vo = 20.0 m/s, a = 9.81 m/s2, and t = 2.00 s. Show the units!

      9. t   (HINT: You will have to use a certain formula from algebra class...)