Cutting the rainforest down...

We have all heard about the problems in the rainforest. It is being cut down, and cut down very quickly.

People cut trees down for different reasons, and it is a very important thing to understand this. Sometimes people need to cut down trees.

Loida's father sometimes cuts down a tree to fix the house. He does it because he is trying to take care of Loida, Elisenda, Chepe and the rest of family. If we make a law that people can't cut down rainforests, then the children would suffer.

If you want to learn more about the loss of rainforests and what is causing it, I recommend an excellent book written by John Vandermeer and Ivette Perfecto, who were my graduate advisors. It is called Breakfast of Biodiversity: Slicing Up the Rainforest in Your Morning Cereal (ISBN: 0935028668), and is available for online ordering from Amazon Books by clicking here.

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