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About Us

The Undergraduate University Division's Learning Resources Center (LRC) serves the students and faculty of MSU. LRC is located in 202 Bessey Hall and is open year-round. The Learning Resources Center offers Daytime Tutoring as well as Evening Tutoring at their main office in Bessey and at the four different locations around campus during the academic year (Fall and Spring semesters).

LRC Services include:

Course Specific Tutoring

LRC employs undergraduate tutors who are

Tutors work individually with students in a variety of first- and second-year classes, helping students not only with the content of the classes but also with developing effective study strategies as well.

Programs for Students

Full-time staff offer seminars and workshops on such study-related topics as:

These seminars and workshops are offered through pre-professional organizations, individual professors and other MSU organizations.

Faculty/Staff Programs

In addition to working with students, LRC also provides workshops for faculty and staff in areas related to pedagogical concerns. Staff present workshops on subjests such as:

LRC Specialists are available to speak to advisors, pre-professional groups, student groups and classes.

Fully Accessible Computer/Learning Lab

LRC operates a computer learning lab in Room 203 Bessey. All LRC computers are internet ready, connected to the MSU network and run educational software in areas such as:

View the LRC website at or email