Sentence Combining Exercise #1
John A. Dowell, instructor
last update:4/28/09

Sentence Combining Exercise #1


The eager fans and players leaned forward.

Pinball Machines

A bar near a college campus would be incomplete without a row of pinball macines lining one of the walls of the bar.  Players standing in front of the machines come to play not drink as they stand in fornt of the machines, eyes focused on the silver ball as it darts from one obstacle to another, their trigger fingers are poised over the flippers at either side of the machine.  The players pay one quarter after another, paying dearly, for either the pleasure of winning a free game or scoring a million points.  When the players’ coins are gone another machine waits nearby to exchange dollar bills for still more quarters.


Street Musician

The most moving of all street musicians I saw in Boston last summer was a banjo player; blind, young man, who was about my age.  As he sat in front of Woolworth’s his hair was damp, sticking out from under the red headband, looking at no one with blank eyes.  He was an adept musician who entertained the passers-by until his fingers slipped on the strings as they were slick with sweat in the city heat and because of this the slipping made it too difficult for him to play.  He sang ballads, soft and low intervals of melancholy, with the banjo across his lap, before he wiped his hands on a large white handkerchief as he leaned back against Woolworth’s front window on a bright Boston day.