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With Erez Levon, Queen Mary University of London, I am an Area Editor for Linguistics Vanguard - the new multimodal journal for the language sciences. Erez and I are responsible for submissions and invited papers in sociolinguistics and anthropological linguistics.

Linguistics Vanguard is a channel for high-quality articles and innovative approaches in all major fields of linguistics. This multimodal journal is published solely online and provides an accessible platform supporting both traditional and new kinds of publications. Linguistics Vanguard seeks to publish concise and up-to-date reports on the state of the art in linguistics as well as cutting-edge research papers. With its topical breadth of coverage and anticipated quick rate of production, it is one of the leading platforms for scientific exchange in linguistics. Full peer review assures quality and enables authors to receive appropriate credit for their work. Its broad theoretical range, international scope, and diversity of article formats engage students and scholars alike.

The inaugural articles are now freely available at http://www.degruyter.com/printahead/j/lingvan. We are now soliciting new articles for the journal.

All topics within linguistics are welcome. Linguistics Vanguard especially encourages submissions taking advantage of its new multimodal platform designed to integrate interactive content, including audio and video, images, maps, software code, raw data, and any other media that enhances the traditional written word. The target length for contributions is 3,000-4,000 words (plus references and ancillary material).

Potential contributions can be submitted via the ScholarOne system at https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/lingvan. See also De Gruyter Mouton's style sheet (http://www.degruyter.com/staticfiles/pdfs/mouton_journal_stylesheet.pdf).

Questions about possible submissions or other questions about Linguistics Vanguard can be addressed to the Editors-in-Chief or Area Editors (see the journal's webpage for editorial information) at Linguistics.Vanguard AT degruyter.com. If you'd like to discuss anything related to the sociolinguistics/anthropological linguistics area, please contact me or Erez.


Routledge Studies in Language Change

With Isabelle Buchstaller, University of Leipzig, I am co-editor of a new book series, Routledge Studies in Language Change.

We're delighted to welcome to the series some new book projects by Robin Dodsworth and Richard Benton, and Becky Childs and Gerard Van Herk.

This series provides a venue for quantitative research investigating the social underpinnings of language change. It gives a platform to research that is firmly rooted in the speech community, yet abstracts to a level of generalization, resulting in theoretical insights that advance our understanding of change as it percolates through the community and within the individual. The series showcases studies of longitudinal and shorter term patterns of language change from a wealth of communities. Volumes in the series rely on a multitude of epistemological frameworks, including but not restricted to: social identity theory, network theory, models of language change, child language acquisition, multilingualism, language contact, language diffusion, and language shift. Interdisciplinary work is encouraged, especially that which explores the interfaces of sociolinguistics with neighboring disciplines such as formal linguistics, history, human geography, literature or anthropology. The scope of the series covers classic research monographs as well as edited collections of papers that are integrated around a coherent central theme.

We welcome questions, suggestions and proposals for book projects at any time!