Steph Walker's WRA 210 Course Website

A repository for all of the course materials I prepare for WRA 210

The Purpose of My Portfolio Site

I would like my portfolio site to be a place where potential UX Strategist employers, or even just colleagues, can learn about who I am professionally, what I am interested in professionally, and what I hope to achieve career wise. I would like my portfolio to be clean, polished, and modern looking. I also want my portfolio to be intuitive to navigate, but still intriguing (and again, still clean, polished and modern looking). I would also like to design my portfolio page so that users don’t have to do a lot of scrolling, so that you can get the idea of what the portfolio contains without having to look/ search around for it. I also would like to include my resume on my website: one that is written/ included on the page, but also a link (on the same page) to a PDF version of my resume so that people could download and print it out if necessary. This would especially be useful for potential employers who are looking to have a version of my resume that they can read/make notes on during an interview, without having to wait for me to give it to them. This would be even more useful for potential recruiters who are interested in recruiting me for a job and want to know my skills and experience before they actually contact me to say they are interested in having me apply for their position. I also want my portfolio to be accessible to people with varying abilities. I would also like a main cover photo.

My Design Philosophy

A successful and usable website is a website in which people with varying abilities are able to use it with ease. It is also a website in which the code and design are able to be easily improved/ edited by web designers other than yourself in the future (in the event that you are not able to edit it yourself).