Steph Walker-Module 9

As I have been writing my HTML and CSS for each of the pages of my portfolio website so far, I have tried my best to make sure that I have kept the code for content, structure, and text in my HTML and kept my code for any design and/or position related elements in my CSS. However, as I was going through my code for this module, I realized that I had some design-related code in my HTML file, instead of in my CSS file. I noticed that this is partly because when I Google tutorials/ look for help online, I find that many of the answers have CSS code within the HTML file, and being new to programming, I just assumed that was how it was supposed to be (until I looked at my code as a whole and realized that, obviously, that code is really CSS and so I switched it over to my CSS file).

For example, the main thing that was in my HTML that should have been in my CSS was the background color for all of my pages. I also originally had a center tag in my Home/About Me page HTML to center my image, so I took that tag out of my HTML and adjusted the margin, specifically 'margin-left', of my photo '#aboutpic img' tag of my CSS. Additionally, I noticed that when I first saw my resume page, the lines were too close together and, therefore, were hard to read. So, in my resume html page, I had put in paragraphs that did not have any text inside in order to create more space between the list items. Since this is obviously using CSS (or at least what should be done in CSS) in an HTML file, I Googled a tutorial on how to adjust the spacing between list elements, and the 'line-height' property came up. So, I adjusted the line height for the 'li{}' tag in my CSS file, and removed the empty paragraphs from the HTML file. This way, my resume was still readable but still did not have CSS in my HTML file, so I had design separated from structure/content.

The rest of my pages did not have any CSS in their HTML files. In the future, I will continue to make sure that there is no CSS in my HTML files. I will also keep reminding myself that many online tutorials, including W3 Schools, do not have a separate CSS file and therefore have CSS written inside their HTML file.