Course Work

Picture of Marginalization Poster

Marginalization Poster

For my RCAH 111 class, I decided to create a graphic design that depicts marginalization. I took pictures of cracked concrete, imported it into GIMP, and then spelled the word "Marginalization" along the cracks of the concrete to replicate how someone feels when they are marginalized: separated and isolated from others. I chose to use pictures of cracked concrete because it replicates this said description of how it feels to be marginalized, and the letters are placed along these concrete cracks to emphasize and replicate marginalization even further.

RCAH 112 Research Project- "Developing strong systems of Advocacy to Deconstruct Stereotypes against People with disabilities"

Conducted my own research project, titled "Developing strong systems of Advocacy to Deconstruct Stereotypes against People with disabilities," on how to eliminate stereotypes of people with disabilities for my RCAH 112 class. Managed and organized the project on my own, which involved contacting Michigan State University's Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities to find candidates to interview, meeting with said candidates to interview them, gathering data during those interviews, analyzing that data, and then writing a research paper stating a conclusion that I came to, based on my research data, on how to deconstruct stereotypes against those with disabilities.

Paper Cut-out of the facade of Snyder Phillips Hall

"This is RCAH" Graphic Design Project

Composed a series of graphic designs related to the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities (RCAH), using Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign, in honor of the college's 10 year anniversary. Produced a digital trace of the facade of the building and dorm where the college is located, and then printed that digital trace out on a digital cutter. Also created digital trace-to-paper cut-outs of the famous Snyder-Phillips statue, and of the RCAH Language and Media Center.

Screenshot of WRA 210 Course Site

WRA 210 Course Site and Portfolio modules

Created a variety of materials for this portfolio website during each stage of the design and development process. This included wireframes, design comps, high-fidelity mockups, type cards, and setting a specific color scheme before beginning to make the portfolio website itself. All of these materials are all uploaded onto my WRA 210 Course Website. WRA 210 Course Site