This is an Honors Option for HST 210 taken in Spring 2006 with Professor Whittaker.

Land of the Rising Sun

The country of Japan has numerous festivals and holidays, many being traced far back into Japanís history. With such ancient holidays come ancient traditions, many of which are still followed today. Some of these have been the same for centuries while others may have changed over time. In addition to this, it is no surprise then that the change from the traditional lunar calendar to the modern western calendar in 1873 disrupted many of these holidays and festivals.

This website will explore seven different holidays and festivals in Japan: New Year, the Bon Festival, Setsubun, Tanabata, Hinamatsuri, and Childrenís Day. It will explain many of the current traditions and how they have changed over the years and also how the calendar change has affected the holiday, if at all.

Koi at Kinkakuji

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