What is the WaMPS Mentoring Program?

Women and Minorities in the Physical Sciences has strived to create a program which fosters collaboration and professional growth in a laid back, relaxed atmosphere. We offer a variety of mentoring events and programs for students in different stages of their education and professional development.

REU Mentoring

Every Summer MSU has REU (research experience for undergraduate) students from all over the country. WaMPS provides graduate student mentors who meet with REU students throughout the summer to discuss topics like:

Peer Mentoring Program

Graduate school brings many new challenges and WaMPS hopes to help in this transition by offering a Peer Mentoring program where first year graduate students are paired with more senior graduate students who can give advice and lend a listening ear to help with the stresses of graduate school. These pairs meet over a meal about once a month and we also have group mentoring events to help new students meet more graduate students.

Undergraduate Panels and Workshops

WaMPS hosts a variety of panels and workshops for undergraduate students at MSU. Topics range from GRE prep sessions, or personal statement writing workshops, and information sessions about applying to graduate school or finding research opportunities. We are always looking for new things that we can do to help undergraduates in Physics!

Post Doc/Grad Student Mentoring

WaMPS is hoping to host mixers where post docs and grad students can get together and discuss what it is like to apply for/be in a post doctoral research position. These mixers would allow a laid back environment to get the inside scoop about this post grad school option.

Who can join?

Like all of WaMPS programs, WaMPS mentoring is open to everyone. If you would like more information or are interested in getting involved, please contact either of the mentoring chairs.