Isabel (Yanyan) Wang
Accounting & Information Systems
Eli Broad College of Business
Michigan State University
East Lansing, Michigan 48824-1121

Phone: (517) 432-2923




What's My Style? The Influence of Top Managers on Voluntary Corporate Financial Disclosure (with Linda Bamber and John Jiang), 2010. The Accounting Review 85 (4): 1131-1162 (PDF).


CFOs and CEOs: Who Have the Most Influence on Earnings Management? (with John Jiang and Kathy Petroni), 2010. Journal of Financial Economics 96 (3):513-526 (PDF)


Comprehensive Income: Who's Afraid of Performance Statement Reporting? (with Linda Bamber, John Jiang and Kathy Petroni), 2010. The Accounting Review 85 (1):97-126 (PDF).


Private Earnings Guidance and its Implications for Disclosure Regulation, 2007. The Accounting Review 82 (5): 1299-1332 (PDF).

Note: This paper won the 2006 AAA Competitive Manuscript Award and the FARS Best Dissertation Award 


Working Papers


Evidence on investors’ assessment of the plausibility of seemingly self-serving attributions of earnings performance (with M. Kimbrough)


Did Eliminating the 20-F Reconciliation between IFRS and US GAAP Matter? (with John Jiang and Kathy Petroni)


Why do managers provide self-serving attributions in earnings press releases? (with M. Kimbrough.)