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2012-1st Annual Waters Annual Tongue and Esophageal Response to Spice Challenge (WATERSC1)

Enough debating, it's time to find out who in the lab is the true "Spice Master"! Will it be Disha, the Indian grad student who grew up using a spicy pepper for a pacifier, the mild mannered Michigander Ben Koestler who is rarely rattled, or the stubborn as a mule Ben Pursley who believes willpower can overcome pain. Or perhaps a darkhorse will emerge to claim the title. The rules: each round, everyone eats a "Blazing" wing, the hottest spicy wings you can order from Buffalo Wild Wings. The person lasting the most rounds wins. When all was said and done, Pursley pulled out the victory with 13 wings down while Koestler and Disha tied for second with 12 wings. The prize: Pursley gets to display the "Senor Picante" trophy at his bench until next year and spend the next two days in the bathroom, but Disha has already begun a secret Indian intesive spice training regimen to overthrow his reign.