A PaintBox Application

paintbox gui I created a PaintBox application to learn Java and the Swing GUI components. The program allows the user to:

  • Create shapes
  • Move shapes
  • Change color of shape
  • Change size of shape
  • Change type of shape
  • Change order of shapes
  • Select shapes with the mouse
MSU Mail Proposal

The current MSU Webmail website uses a standard form based email with no interaction with MSU's servers while a user is creating an email. Many of the emails sent on campus are addressed to other people on campus, so if there is a way that this can be made easier, why shouldn't there be a feature to enable this?

Want to see what I'm talking about?

Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal was written by Jared Wein, over two days of work. The idea for the game came around when I was thinking of the algorithm that the banker uses for the show. I figured that it had to be something close to an average of the briefcases left with their potential values, but there is definetly a curve to the offers that are given.

The algorithm that this program uses find the average of the briefcases still unopened, and then it multiplies it by a fraction depending on how many turns are left in the game. The offers will increase as the player reaches a certain number of turns left, and then will begin to decrease, as it is very likely that the contestant is sticking in the game chasing after an unreasonable single high briefcase among many smaller briefcases.

MSU building maps

As a follow up to the MSU people search that I had done on June 10th, I decided that a neat mashup would be to create Yahoo! maps showing the permanent residences of dorm residents. Often times on campus, you hear rumors that the majority of residents in a particular dorm are from one area code. These maps can confront these rumors, to either confirm or despell these rumors. Check it out and let me know what you think.

MSU people search

As I wanted to delve in to AJAX a little more, I decided I would build a better MSU people serch than the one that is currently available through MSU's website. There is also a little known website at the address of which also provides a directory search for people at MSU. My one pet peeve about both of these searches is that you can only search by the name of the individual or group you are looking for. I created a site where you can search by the name (first or last or both), netid, department, or building. You can also limit your search to 10, 75, 250, or 500 results. Check it out and let me know what you think. By the way, it does persistent searching, so while you type in the name it is constantly searching MSU for the person. It's neat to see your results narrow down with more information.

east lansing

This website was built to meet the needs of students in the East Lansing area, which is home to Michigan State University. With low costs for advertisers, the ability to gain exposure for a property is extremely easy. After launching in June, 2005, the site quickly became popular with users from all over Michigan and the United States. Averaging approxamitely three thousand hits per month, the website is a destination for tenants looking to relocate to the East Lansing area.