Dick Wesley's Monster Cookies

Dad holding cookies

I want to honor my father and share his famous recipe on-line for others to enjoy.


The history of this recipe started with my father wanting to make peanut butter cookies and then became "MONSTER COOKIES".

In January 1971, it was published in the State Journal.

The article as written in January, 1971: by Liz Gustafson, State Journal Staff Writer

Michigan State University photographer Dick Wesley’s “monster cookies” might be called in-the-mood cookies or leftover cookies. But monster cookies are a pretty accurate name for the recipe that burned out two regular mixers and is now mixed with and electric drill.

Wesley said the cookies started as a basic recipe for peanut butter cookies. He wanted to make them one day, but didn’t have any flour. He found out that if he put oatmeal in the blender and blended it, it could equal wheat flour.
Dad making cookies

Well, the recipe grew and grew. When you have six children of your own and four other children staying at your house during the day, it understandable why it would grow. Wesley no longer blends the oatmeal into flour. And the recipe is a long way from the way it stated out. Whatever appeals to him or is left over from other meals often finds its way into a gigantic stainless steel bowl that Mrs. Wesley gave him for Christmas. (He gave her a saber saw, since she’s an amateur carpenter.)

The cookies come in mighty handy at times when Cub Scout troops march in and teen-age friends gather round for and eating-feast – a favorite pastime for young people for generations and especially so at the Wesley home at 807 E. Miller Road.

Just make sure you’ve got a lot of things on had, since the recipe calls for just about everything and lots of it. Anything that appeals to the baker can be added, such as raisins or dates, Wesley said. He said portions of the recipe can be kept in the refrigerator for an indefinite period of time. “Just use as much as you want when you want it,” he said.


Dick Wesley's Monster Cookies

1929 - 1990


2 cups margarine

3 pounds peanut butter

2 pounds brown sugar

4 cups white sugar

12 eggs

large dash of courn syrup

Walnuts - whatever you have


1 pound of candy coated choclate bits

1 pound semi-sweet morsels

8 teaspoons baking powder ................(measured carefully)

Jam --- (whatever is left over .....Wesley said: "It gets rid of .....the jam the kids won't eat.")

18 cups oatmeal



Mix all the ingredients but the oatmeal in a very large bowl with a beater attached to an electric drill. When they are blended, cram in the oatmeal. If dry, add more eggs. Scoop onto cookie sheet with ice cream scoop.

Bake for 12 to 15 minutes @ 305 degrees

For crisper cookies, bake more slowly at about 325 degrees

Serves: 40 - 50 (taking a guess)