Sean Williams

I am an ecologist with a special interest in how behavioral mechanisms influence species diversity, e.g. how positive interactions promote diversity within a community. In addition, I am a natural history buff, and so I like to learn about all aspects of animals in the environment, particularly at a local scale. Currently, I am a Ph.D candidate at Michigan State University and plan to graduate in January 2017. My current research involves the behavioral ecology of understory mixed-species flocks in Amazonian Peru, where I visit for 2-4 months per year to conduct research.

----->Here I sit at a cliffside at Los Amigos Biological Station in Amazonian Peru. While entering data after a long morning in the field, I have binoculars and a telescope at hand for viewing eagles, caiman, capybara, and potentially a jaguar.

About me

Sean Williams

While growing up in downtown Boston, I began a career in field ecology by watching birds. Birdwatching soon evolved toward the scientific study of ecology and evolution while I attended Ohio Wesleyan University for my Bachelor of Arts. I am happily at home at Michigan State where I get to study ecology for living! When I'm not in the office or conducting field research, I spend my time learning about and seeking out nature in the field. I have a particular fondness for birds, mammals, herps, and insects, but I delight learning about all organisms.


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