Adventures on Research Teams
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                In the Coal Mines in Appalachia
 Andrew Maxfield (NIOSH), Cynthia Zuckerman (MSU), Lisa Murray                Who ya gonna call? COMM-BUSTERS!
(MSU),  Suzanne Hogan (NIOSH), Kim Witte (MSU)                                     (Lisa Murray, Cynthia Zuckerman, Kim Witte)

      On the Trans-Africa Highway in Kenya

From Right:  Solomon Nzyuko (AMREF), Kenzie Cameron (MSU)  //     Community health workers, Solomon Nzyuko, Kim Witte (Kenya)
(other five people on left are research participants)                                  (eating fresh goat after a day of research with commercial sex workers)

                       Writing Retreats

Kim Witte, Kenzie Cameron, Janet Lillie, //  Kenzie Cameron, Judy Berkowitz, Janet Lillie --  // Writing retreat at Kim Witte's house (her oldest
Judy Berkowitz, on our way to Gull Lake.     we wrote two papers this weekend at Gull Lake.      son Alex, Kenzie Cameron, Janet Lillie, Judy
                                                                                                                                    Berkowitz, Wen-Ying Liu, Maria Lapinski
                                                                                                                                    Maggie the dog dressed in people clothes --
                                                                                                                                    we needed a fun break!)

NOTE:  Dr. Kenzie Cameron is now an Assistant Professor at the University of Georgia, Dr. Judy Berkowitz is now an Assistant Professor at Emerson College, Dr. Janet Lillie is now a visiting professor at Michigan State University, Dr. Wen-Ying Liu is now an Assistant Professor at Shih Hsin University (Taiwan).

               Focus Groups in West Virginia

Doctoral Student Lisa Murray leads a focus group at a UMWA office in West Virginia.  This project focused on preventing occupational hearing loss among coal miners.

               Shooting a Video in Ethiopia

Summer of 1996 we shot a video on food security issues in Ethiopia.  Not a departmental research team, but a collaboration with my husband Thom Jayne and Daniel Molla.  They're in the center of the picture on the right with their hands on their waists (Daniel on left, Thom on right) (at a maize pick-up point).

I've only had one problem research team member...(mouthed off all of the time!)
   ...In Egypt...

  But most have turned into friends...
Wen-Ying Liu and Maria Lapinski at                       Kim Witte and Cynthia Zuckerman at the Dead Sea in Israel
Wen-Ying's going away party before                      (taking a mud bath...not a research team requirement).
she officially became a professor at
Shih Hsin University.  (Yes Virginia,
people do graduate from MSU and get
real jobs...)