Professor Yakura is currently serving at the MSU FRIB (Facility for Rare Isotope Beams).

Elaine teaches at the School of Human Resources and Labor Relations at MSU. Her research interests include the study of difference and power in organizations using long-term research methods. With her colleagues from Cal Poly, Louise Soe and Ruth Guthrie, she is currently conducting research on the effect of organizational culture on women and men working in information technology organizations in the U.S. Abstracts for conference papers such as Support Structures for Women in Information Technology Careers and Does Culture Matter? A Study of Cultural Influences on the Success of Women in IT) can be found in the AIS Electronic library. Her fieldwork includes studies of information technology consultants in the U.S. and nuclear power plants in Japan and the U.S. Her articles include Billables: The meaning of time in consulting in the American Behavioral Scientist (2001), and Charting time: Timelines as temporal boundary objects, in the Academy of Management Journal (2002). She has a PhD in Organization Studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a JD from UC Berkeley.

Elaine received the Dr. Daniel Kruger Award from the SLIR Alumni Association at the SLIR 50th Anniversary celebration in 2006, the Excellence in Education Award from the Industrial Relations Research Association (now known as LERA) at their annual meeting in 2002. As an MSU Lilly Teaching Fellow (1998-1999), she developed classroom video teaching techniques to enhance the student learning of so-called "soft" skills. In 2009, Elaine taught an ISS course in work group dynamics. For the past several years, she has taught a negotiations course at Seoul National University's Graduate School of Business.



Elaine K. Yakura
Associate Professor
436 South Kedzie Hall
School of Human Resources and Labor Relations
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824-1032
voicemail:(517) 353-5158
email: yakura at msu dot edu