Grade Level: 3rd grade

Date: Used on Day 7 of 10

Academic Area: Literacy/ Technology

Lesson Plan Title: Charlotte’s Webquest

Short Description of Lesson: Students will go through a webquest on the internet relating to Charlotte’s Web. Students are asked to explore sites to answer questions and do tasks.

Time Needed: 30-40 minutes

Lesson Objective: For students to see that the Internet is a great place to get help when reading literature. Also, students will get a better look at real life vs. fantasy of the novel when it comes to animals.

Lesson Procedure:

  1. After Reading Chapters 7 and 8 in class, I will start ask the students if they have ever received help or learned from the Internet recently. From there, I will discuss how the Internet is a very helpful place when it comes to reading novels and getting more information about them.
  2. I will discuss the directions of the webquest (students have already done one this year- so they know the routine).
  3. I will write what they need to turn in on the board.
  4. I will assign student partners to computers and get them all at the correct starting site and allow them to begin.

Student Activity:

  • Read the webquest directions and answer any questions or perform any tasks the webquest asks for.

Student Product:

  •  The answers to the variety of questions and tasks on the webquest worksheet including:
    • short summaries for chapters 1,8, and 16
    • answers to important characters site
    • answers about spiders
    • answers about pigs
    • printed quiz score


  • Student pair has completed the tasks and questions.
  • Student pair has turned in the answers and responses to the webquest.


  • Special needs students are to be paired with students that would be beneficial in helping them through the webquest.


  • R.CM.03.03 compare and contrast relationships among characters, events, and key

ideas within and across texts to create a deeper understanding; including a narrative

to an informational text, a literature selection to a subject area text, and an historical

event to a current event.

*Students will compare and contrast pigs and spiders in real life and connect similarities and differences between the novel characters and real animals.

  • R.CM.03.04 apply significant knowledge from grade-level science, social studies, and

mathematics texts.

*Students will apply science about spiders and pigs to the fictional characters.