Dongbo Zhang

Assistant Professor
(PhD, Carnegie Mellon)
Department of Teacher Education
333 Erickson Hall, 620 Farm Lane
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824
Tel (office): 517-353-4541
Department of Teacher Education                  
College of Education
Michigan State University

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Teacher Education, Michigan State University, where I also coordinate the Chinese Teacher Certification Program and am in charge of the College of Education's Graduate Certificate in English Language Learner Education. I am also an affiliated faculty of the Second Language Studies Doctoral Program in the College of Arts and Letters. In the Department of Teacher Education, I teach both teacher preparation courses and courses for students in the MATC (Master of Arts in Teaching and Curriculum) and CITE (Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education) doctoral program; and supervise doctoral students in language and literacy education. If you are considering doctoral studies in language and literacy education, particularly second language or bilingual reading development and instruction, I welcome you to contact me and discuss your interests.

I am interested in vocabulary and reading acquisition in a second language, biliteracy acquisition, and other theoretical as well as practical issues of language and literacy education. My research regards language and literacy acquisition as a cognitive endeavor situated in social context, and highlights that development of learner-internal competencies necessitates learner-external support. My recent research explored the impact of home literacy environment on the development of reading and its related skills in bilingual children, teacher questioning in constructing opportunities for second language learning, cross-linguistic transfer of metalinguistic awareness in biliteracy acquisition, among other topics. I have experience of working with second language/bilingual learners as well as teachers in diverse contexts, including China, Singapore, and the United States. My research employs a variety of methods and paradigms, such as discourse analysis, (quasi-)experiment, questionnaire survey, longitudinal growth modeling,

Selected Publications

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Courses Taught

TE894 Lab and Field Instruction in Curriculum, Teaching, and Schooling (CTCP)
TE846 Accomodating Differences in Literacy Learners (MATC)
TE946 Current Perspectives on Literacy Research and Instruction (CITE)
TE904 ELL/ESL Research and Practice: K-12 (CITE)