One-Day Weekend Neuroimaging Introductory Course

David C. Zhu, Ph.D.

Meeting Date and Time:
November 22, 2015: 10 AM - 6 PM

Meeting location:
Radiology Auditorium

Course Description:
This course is focused on concepts and the target audiences are beginners. Investigators and students who want some quick review are welcomed also. This short course covers the basics of the following topics:

Lecture 1: MRI Physics

Lecture 2: Neurophysiology and BOLD fMRI mechanism

Lecture 3: fMRI design

Lecture 4: fMRI Block Design and Analysis

Lecture 5: fMRI Event-Related Design and Analysis

Lecture 6: Cluster and ROI Analyses

Lecture 7: Resting-state fMRI, DTI and volumetric analysis

Lecture 8: How to start a neuroimaging (fMRI) project in the Cognitive Imaging Research Center