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Undergraduate Courses –
Introduction to Sociological Statistics (SOC201 in Su06) [syllabus]
Urban Sociology (SOC375 in F09) [syllabus]
Complex Organizations (SOC424 in S10) [syllabus]
Urban Social Networks (SOC361/PSY493 in F11, S15) [syllabus]

Graduate Courses –
Urban Gentrification (SOC838 in F10) [syllabus]
Urban Schools of Thought (SOC838/GUSP970 in F11, F12) [syllabus]
Urban Networks (SOC931/GUSP970 in S11, S12, S14) [syllabus]
Network Methods (SOC989 in S13) [syllabus]
Global Transformations (SOC801 in F13) [syllabus]
Research Methods (SOC885 in S14) [syllabus]
Research Methods (PSY870 in F15) [syllabus]
Agent-Based Models (GUSP970 in F14) [syllabus]