Andrew Jason Christlieb

Andrew Jason Christlieb
  • MSU Foundation Professor
  • Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering


Andrew Jason Christlieb, professor of mathematics, uses advanced mathematical and computational methods to solve problems in physics and engineering. He and MSU collaborators are currently working to establish a nationally recognized Plasma Enhanced Science program.

Christlieb received his PhD in mathematics from the University of Wisconsin. He held two postdoctoral positions, one in aerospace and a second in mathematics, at the University of Michigan before joining MSU in 2006. In 2010, he was promoted to associate professor and in 2014 to full professor. In 2015, he became the inaugural chair of the newly created MSU Department of Computational Science, Mathematics and Engineering.

Christlieb has an active research group, focusing on multi-scale modeling, high order numerical methods, and sub-linear lossy compression algorithms. He is currently working closely with several national labs on a variety of problems in plasma physics, including Los Alamos National Lab, Oakridge National Lab, Sandia National Lab, and AFRL Kirtland.