Statement on Nassar's Eaton County sentencing, Feb. 5, 2018

“Larry Nassar’s final sentencing today on state criminal sexual conduct charges brings the criminal proceedings to a close. Nassar’s behavior was horrific and repugnant, and it is deeply disturbing to know that his crimes were often committed on campus. His sentencing of a few hundred years in prison will mean he will rightfully spend the rest of his life in behind bars.

Now we must support the courageous survivors of Nassar’s abuse and provide them with the help they deserve. MSU is committed to making sure that we are doing what we must to provide a healthy and safe environment for all members of our community. President Engler has called for a culture change at MSU and we will be taking all necessary steps to begin a new day and improve the environment at the university.”

--Kent Cassella, MSU spokesperson