RVSM Workgroup

Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct Expert Advisory Workgroup

Who we are
MSU has created and convened an expert advisory workgroup of trusted leaders within the institution who have:

  • Demonstrated significant expertise relevant to relationship violence and sexual misconduct (RVSM)
  • In-depth knowledge about the programs, services and policies at MSU
  • A strong track record of working collaboratively with diverse stakeholders to improve services for survivors of relationship violence and sexual misconduct and promote prevention education

Our charge

  • Be a resource to the MSU community by sharing our knowledge and expertise on RVSM issues
  • Gather input, suggestions, and ideas from students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members to ensure that diverse viewpoints are brought into all decision-making
  • Make recommendations to the president for improving RVSM programs, protocols, and policies to support MSU’s goal of creating a safe and supportive campus for all

Our process
Collecting community feedback
As of Sept. 1, 2018 more than 235 comments have been submitted via the community suggestions and recommendations online form. The workgroup reviews and discusses these suggestions at our biweekly meetings, and these comments directly inform our work. Please continue to share your feedback.

Meeting with campus and community groups
The workgroup meets regularly with MSU units and organizations to gather input from diverse stakeholders related to relationship violence and sexual misconduct issues, including student, staff and faculty groups within MSU, as well as organizations from the local community. If your MSU or community group would like to meet with representatives from the workgroup, please indicate this using the community suggestions and recommendations form. Please be sure to include the name of your group and how the workgroup can contact you.

Reviewing research and best practices
The workgroup reviews current RVSM research to identify empirically-supported programs to support survivors and prevent violence. We also review recommended best practices by local, state, national and international organizations to guide our efforts.

Making recommendations and supporting changes at MSU
Based on community feedback, input received at campus and community meetings, and current research and best practice recommendations, the workgroup makes recommendations to the president to improve RVSM survivor services and prevention education.

Status report July 2019

Status report July 2019 (Text Only)

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Office of the ADA Coordinator

408 West Circle Drive, Olds Hall, Suite 105

(517) 355-3960


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