Classes and Academics

What you need to know

  • Face coverings must be worn by everyone (including all faculty, staff, students, vendors and visitors) indoors and outdoors while you are on property owned or governed by MSU and while participating in MSU-related or MSU-sponsored activities.
  • Classes will begin Sept. 2. There will be both in-person and online components to instruction. Remote instruction will be available to those students who cannot make it to campus or those who choose not to return to campus for health or other reasons.
  • All in-person instruction will end Nov. 25, with remaining instruction, study sessions and final examinations moving remotely for the last three weeks of the semester.
  • Faculty are being asked to consider their course loads and offer classes using a mix of instructional options – including online, hybrid and in-person – based on the needs and make-up of the specific course. In-person classes will be moved into larger rooms to allow for 6-foot physical distancing.