Jan. 22: Information for in-person instruction

Dear Instructors:

I’m writing to you because you were listed as an instructor of an in-person course in spring 2021. Thank you for your commitment to our students’ success and for providing them the in-person educational activities that they want and need.

Below I have attached the email that was sent yesterday to all the undergraduate students in your in-person classes.  It outlines our expectations of them, which includes testing, mask-wearing, and social distancing.  Every student in an in-person course in spring 2021 is expected to wear a face covering.  If a student is unable or unwilling to properly wear an appropriate face covering and practice the necessary social distancing activities, we will make accommodations by moving them out of the in-person class and into an online course. Therefore, every student in every one of your in-person courses should be properly masked at all times.  Proper mask-wearing has a demonstrated efficacy of nearly 90% in reducing the spread of the virus, which is almost as good as the best vaccines. Mask wearing is critical to ensuring that all of our in-person educational spaces are as safe as reasonably possible. 

Undergraduate students enrolled in in-person courses this spring will be expected to spit test at least once a week and complete a health screening every day that they are on campus.  The registration details for this testing and reporting are in the email to the students below.  Any undergraduate student who tests positive will be identified, as well as any student who does not test at least once per week.  Each morning, Jim Lucas in my office will work with the associate dean for undergraduate education (or equivalent) in your college to notify you if one of your students is flagged as having tested positive or having not test frequently enough.  The student will be notified that they cannot attend in-person class and your associate dean will let you know that that student is not allowed to attend class.  If the student arrives for class, you should ask them to leave until the situation is resolved. 

You are also welcome and encouraged to participate in the Early Detection Program.  You can register for it here: https://spartanhealthcheck.msu.edu

We have made our expectations for students very clear with both general messaging to them as well as to specific emails individually sent to the students who are enrolled in in-person classes. So, we don’t expect there to be a significant number of students who are not fully compliant.  However, if you have a non-compliant student in your class you should treat them as you would any other instance of classroom disruption.  Your college’s associate dean for undergraduate education (or equivalent) should be your point of conduct for any questions or issues that arise.  You are also always welcome to contact me (largent@msu.edu) or Jim Lucas (lucasjam@msu.edu) with questions or concerns.  Jim has created a Qualtrics form for you to use to report any problems you have in this regard. My office will work with the Dean of Students to initiate any academic conduct actions necessary.  Here is a link to that form:


Again, thank you for your hard work and dedication to our students.  Please do not hesitate to contact me, Jim, or your associate dean for undergraduate education with any questions or concerns.

Mark Largent