Next Steps, Subcommittees

The initial work of the task force has been completed. Next steps will focus on the specific actions that need to be taken to return to campus. Subcommittees have been formed and will use the task force's initial work to inform their efforts. The subcommittees are being asked to address specific questions and provide recommendations, and they will remain active throughout the return to campus. Subcommittee chairs have been identified by the task force co-chairs based on their experience, the questions to be addressed and expertise sought to provide informed answers. The subcommittee chairs are charged to meet the imperative of diversity and inclusiveness in identifying subcommittee members.

Charge for the next steps

  1. Ensure that return-to-campus efforts are coordinated, communicated and consistent with the core values identified in the initial work.
  2. Establish, review and approve subcommittees with review and approval of committee charge and membership.
  3. Define the prioritization/timing by which the subcommittee work needs to be accomplished.
  4. Ensure the subcommittees provide actionable recommendations facilitating timely and informed decision-making by the president.
  5. Define the guiding paradigm for “safely return to campus” as foundational to the work we are asking the subcommittees to do. Specifically, safety is not binary.


  • Decisions must be prioritized, and processes must be designed, implemented and monitored to prevent and/or mitigate negative strategic, operational and financial impacts as we seek to repopulate campus and minimize health, and safety impacts on the institution.
  • The risk of subsequent waves of infection remains until we achieve sufficient herd immunity through vaccination or actual infection and recovery. Key to our work will be a coordinated surveillance capability, a sound infection prevention and control strategy and a means to quickly identify, isolate, treat and refer individuals to mitigate a second wave of infection.
  • The highly interactive, mobile, densely populated living and learning environment typical of most campuses creates multiple risk factors for transmission of COVID-19.
  • We should prepare for the likelihood of a local rebound of infections that may result in a return to more restrictive mitigation measures and physical distancing for periods of time.
  • Decisions to ease COVID-19 distancing restrictions must be based on the best available scientific data and the rapid availability of testing.


The following 21 subcommittees have been formed and charged with developing plans and recommendations for many of the specific decisions that need to be made as we safely bring Spartans back to campus this summer and fall. Please see below for subcommittee leads and charges.

  • Athletics Subcommittee

    Leads: Bill Beekman and Tony Avellino

    Charge: Develop a return of athletics plan that addresses student-athlete medical/mental health care and a communication plan to student-athletes, parents and fans.


    Sally Nogle
    Allen Haller
    Alan Smith
    Jim Pignataro
    Jeff Kovan
    Jon Martin
    Bonnie Knutson
    Michael Kaplowitz 
    Matt Larson
    Jen Smith
    Mike Vorkopich
    Lonnie Rosen
    Megan Vanderveen 
    Julee Burgess
    Seth Kesler
    Joel Eddy
    Erin Neely
  • Campus Mobilization for Health and Innovation Subcommittee

    Leads: Jim Forger and Ronald Hendrick

    Charge: Identify strengths campus-wide and develop a return to an on-premise activity plan that identifies ways to support and heal.


    Jon Novello
    Mark Patishnock
    Divya Victor 
    Lydia Weiss
    Keith English
    Jadrian Tarver
    Dabalina Bandyopadhyay
    Claudia Finkelstein
  • Communication Subcommittee

    Leads: Merri-Jo Bales and Prabu David

    Charge: Develop a return to on-premise communication plan that promotes consistent contact with and updates to the MSU community.


    Emily Guerrant
    Heather Swain
    Dennis Martell
    Melissa Jegla
    Jason Cody
    Sabrina Hebeler
    Stephanie Anthony
    Terri Hughes- Lazzell
    Monique Turner
    Kara Yermak 
    Kathi Braunlich
    Kat Cooper
    Brianna Aiello
    Sharron Reed Davis
    Filomena Nunes
    Bob Thomas
    Kelly Mazurkiewicz
    Genyne Royal
  • Contact Tracing Subcommittee

    Leads: Chris Contag and Leo Kempel

    Charge: Develop an approach to contact tracing that is values-consistent, affordable and supports the effort to return to on-premise activities.


    Aron Sousa
    Karen Kelly-Blake
    Lynn Kriser
    Elizabeth King 
    Andrew Zwyghuizen 
    John Goudreau
    Deb Bittner
    Mi Zhang
    Keith Nelson
  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion Subcommittee

    Lead: Chris Long and Tarah Chambers

    Charge: Identify issues and make recommendations to be considered university-wide and within subcommittees that support diverse and vulnerable communities in return to on-premise activity plans.


    Luis Garcia
    Randy Rasch
    Quentin Tyler
    Tanya Jachimiak
    Andrea Munford
    Hilda Mejia Abreu
    Tracy Leahy
    Sharron Reed-Davis
    Genye Royal
    Ashley Green
    Tenille Gaines
    Regina Gong
    Aku Rohra
    Janet Ibarra
    Chezare Warren
  • Events/Activities Subcommittee

    Leads: Denise Maybank and Michele Jackson

    Charge: Develop return to on-premise activity plans to conduct appropriate university events.


    Radhika Pasricha
    Lynn Kriser
    Floyd Akins
    Jon Martin
    Stephanie Kribs 
    Angie Zell
    Gary Wilson
    Meagan Abel
    Andrea Blair
    Michael Brand
    Tammye Coles
    Nate Evans
    Michelle Pell
    Julie Rojewski
    Korine Wawrzynski
    Porta Watkins
    Erik Maillard
    Kris Allen
  • Finance Subcommittee

    Leads: Mark Haas and Dave Byelich

    Charge: Evaluate costs, financial commitments and funding sources associated with returning to on-campus activities.


    Mike Stokes
    Sanjay Gupta
    Larry Gremel
    Karen Crosby
    Audree Baxter
    Greg Swain 
    Charmaine Shellman
    Brent Johnston
    Richard Fulton
    Annette Cawley
  • Health/Safety Subcommittee

    Leads: Dave Weismantel and Norm Beauchamp

    Charge: Develop return to on-premise activity plans that support the emotional and physical health needs of MSU community members.


    Seth Ciabotti
    Elizabeth King
    Rebecca Campbell
    Marilyn Tarrant
    Anthony Avellino
    Jim Pignataro
    Jerry Kooiman
    William Hart-Davidson
    Andy Smith
    Norm Hubbard
    Natalie Moser
    Beier Yao
    Molly Shuart
  • Human Resources Subcommittee

    Leads: Terry Curry and Sharon Butler

    Charge: Develop return to on-premise activity plan that strives to maximize the effectiveness of staff and faculty.


    Barbara Forney
    Theresa Kelley
    Kristine Moore
    Sonja Fritzsche
    Barbara Roberts
    Christine Leese
    Tom Voice
    Cheryl Sisk
    Jake Lathrop
    Kathy Lewless
    Teresa Mastin
    Erica Fiasky
    Joe Garza
    Deborah Moriarty
    Melanie Trowbridge
    Ericka Covington
    Meagan Abel
  • Information Technology Subcommittee

    Leads: Melissa Woo and Jeff Grabill

    Charge: Develop a return to on-premise activity plan that seeks to support students, faculty and staff.


    Rob Root 
    Robert Barto
    Kate Sonka 
    Johannes Bauer
    Leslie Johnson
    Miriam Kaburu
    Maddie Shellgren
    Fred Sudler
    Seth Ciabotti
  • Operations/Logistics/Supply Chain Subcommittee

    Leads: Dan Bollman and Dave Oslund

    Charge: Develop return to on-premise activity plans that support safety measures for campus, such as decontamination and personal protection equipment.


    Kristin Demir
    Karen Ross
    Vedat Verter
    Jim Gallagher
    Dan Olsen
    Susan Fennell
    Barb Kranz
    Dave Brewer
    Sharri Margraves
    Denni Kraft
    Tommy Tracy
  • Outreach and Engagement Subcommittee

    Leads: Laurie Van Egeren and Jeff Dwyer

    Charge: Develop a return to on-premise activities plan for outreach and engagement.


    Debra Furr-Holden
    Kathy Wilbur
    Nakia Barr
    Marti Heil
    Nick McLaren
    Jeremy Reutter
    Burt Bargerstock
    Renee Brown
    Dave Chupak
    Charlie Hasemann
    Marti Heil
    Janet Lillie
    Miles McNall
    Erin Moore
    Judith Stoddart
    Kelly Kapsar
  • Research Subcommittee

    Lead: Doug Gage

    Charge: Establish a phased return to campus of research programs, seeking to incorporate the values, safety measures, guidelines and monitoring protocols identified in Phase One.


    JR Haywood 
    Doug Buhler
    Paul Hunt
    Dave Brewer
    John Goudreau
    John Verbonvoeur
    Laura McCabe
    Eric Hegg
    Anne-Sophie Bohrer
    Sara McFall-Boegeman
    William Hart-Davidson
  • Residential Learning and Living Subcommittee

    Leads: Vennie Gore and Steve Esquith

    Charge: Develop return to on-premise residential living, dining and learning plans that seek to incorporate applicable public health guidance, best safety practices and engagement of community members. A comprehensive communication plan will be developed to educate and create social norming behavior for the benefit of community.


    Tariq Abdelhamid
    Ray Gasser
     Rebecca Selesky
    Kelly High McCord
    Kat Cooper
    Melanie Van Antwerp 
    Barb Kranz
    Jeff Judge
    Michelle Jackson
    Jerry Caldwell
    Laurie Thorpe
    Tim Hinds
    Mark Axelrod 
    Scot Yoder
    Abii-tah Bih
    Rachel Cleveland
    Savanna Roark
    Aleaha Renee Smith
  • Risk Management Subcommittee

    Leads: Brian Quinn and Melanie Jacobs

    Charge: Identify risk management, legal and compliance issues to be considered and evaluated in university-wide and subcommittee planning for returning to on-premise activities, as well as establish tracking mechanisms and controls in conjunction with appropriate subcommittees.


    Marilyn Tarrant
    Kathy Wilbur
    Matt McCabe 
    MacCallum Beatty
    Mackenzie Fritz
    Jade Mitchell
    Allyn Shaw
    Tracy Leahy
  • Satellite Campuses Subcommittee

    Leads: Chuck Reid and Aron Sousa 

    Charge: Maintain consistency in policies in off-campus locations where MSU personnel and students are located.


    Andy Amalfitano
    Deandre Beck
    John Ambrose
    Suzette Hitner
    Fred Janzen
    Adam Cooley
    Ben Darling
    Jessica Nakfour
    Linda Cornish
    Ronda Palametier
    Kirsten Waarala 
    Melissa Jegla
  • Scenario Planning Subcommittee

    Leads: Mark Largent and Doug Gage

    Charge: Define future scenarios, listening posts and potential solutions for research and education.


    Thomas Jeitschko
    Jeff Rayis
    Tariq Abdelhamid
    Megan Donahue
    Stratton Lee
    Dre Nichols
    Joseph Salem
    Joshua Sapotichne
    Cheryl Eschbach
    Joy Hannibal
    Renata Opoczynski
  • Surveillance Subcommittee
    Leads: Jack Lipton and Aron Sousa
    Charge: Develop and operationalize saliva and wastewater surveillance programs to facilitate early intervention and adequate campus response time to possible infection sites.


    Joe Patterson
    Allyson Cole Strauss
    Vic DiRita
    Jade Mitchell
    Joan Rose
    Birgit Puschner
    Laura Bix
  • Teaching/Learning/Advising/Student Success Subcommittee

    Leads: Terry Sullivan and Phil Duxbury

    Charge: Develop return to on-premise activity plans that include varying approaches of in-person education and online instruction.


    Nwando Achebe
    Shannon Burton
    Denise Ferrell
    Cara Cilano
    Thomas Jeitscho
    Mark Largent
    Barb Kranz
    Steve Hanson
    Sarah McFall-Boegeman
    Debra Dotterer
    Mary Graves
    Jennifer Carter-Johnson
    Arlene Weismantel
  • Testing Subcommittee

    Leads: Keith English and John Gerlach

    Charge: Operationalize CLIA testing and sample collection sites on campus and develop agreements with supporting agencies to ensure and execute adequate testing capacity for the campus community.


    Keith Nelson
    John Gerlach
    Brett Etchebarne
    Krishna Yelleswarapu
    Lynn Kriser
    Kris Allen
    Ron Crosson
  • Transportation Committee

    Leads: Adam Lawver and John Verboncoeur

    Charge: Evaluate campus transportation and provide recommendations on how we can help support the needs of students, faculty and staff (i.e., on campus and traveling to campus). Evaluation should include buses, zip cars, scooters, shared bicycles and other forms of shared transportation.


    Brian Watts
    Wolfgang Bauer
    Janet Lillie
    John Prush
    Stephanie O'Donnell
    Paul Manson
    Bradley Benton
    Jordan Polk
    Susan Fennell
  • Travel Subcommittee

    Leads: Beth Alexander and Steve Hanson

    Charge: Develop incoming and outgoing travel policies for students, staff and faculty that recognizes traveler safety and financial constraints that encompasses both domestic and international trips.


    Opal Bartzis
    Krista McCallum Beatty
    DeAndra Beck
    Sarah Blom
    Rique Campa
    Patrick Cudney
    Chris Daniel
    Angel Forde
    Doug Gage
    Debbie Gulliver
    Maureen Handrahan
    Vivian Leung
    India Plough
    Brian Watts