Jan. 30: MSU issues enhanced-physical-distance directive

Dear Spartan Students,   

We have experienced a rapid increase in COVID-19 positivity rates since students returned to the East Lansing area for the spring semester. There also has been a failure by some to adhere to our health and safety guidelines. To reduce transmission, we are issuing the following directive: Starting tonight at midnight until 11:59 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 13, we will observe a period of enhanced physical distancing.

It is our expectation that all students living on campus and within the East Lansing area observe this enhanced physical distancing directive. For students living on campus, you are receiving another email with expectations specific to living in the residence halls.

During the 14-day enhanced physical distancing, you should not gather with others — on campus or off. We also want to make you aware of changes to on-campus activities during this period.

  • Dining halls will be open for takeout and mobile orders only.
  • IM West and IM East will be closed.

You may come to campus for: 

  • Accessing secure internet
  • Picking up meals from a dining hall.
  • Attending an in-person class.
  • Conducting research or employment that must be performed in person.
  • Participating in the COVID-19 Early Detection Program
  • Receiving medical care.

Additionally, students must continue following the MSU Community Compact, which includes completing a daily health screening form when coming to campus for any reason, continuing to participate in the COVID-19 Early Detection Program and observing all local health orders and ordinances, including the city of East Lansing’s emergency ordinance. Failing to comply with local orders and ordinances is not only a violation of the Community Compact, but it may also be a civil infraction, carrying a $500 penalty for each person involved.

We must reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our community. If we increase our distance now, we vastly increase the chances of being able to come together safely later this semester.  

If you are feeling ill or have tested positive for COVID-19, you should self-isolate and avoid close contact with all others. You also should contact MSU's COVID-19 hotline at 855-958-2678 and stay in touch with your health care provider.


Vennie Gore                                                                                            Dr. David Weismantel
Senior Vice President                                                                              University Physician
Residential and Hospitality Services and Auxiliary Enterprises
Interim Vice President for Student Affairs