COVID-19 vaccine exemptions

MSU is requiring students, faculty and staff to be vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19, with limited medical and religious exemptions for all, as well as exemptions for students if they are taking online-only classes and will not be on property owned or governed by MSU for any reason. 

If you are seeking an exemption, you MUST fill out the vaccine verification form and request your exemption using that link. If you already have submitted a medical or religious exemption request and it has been approved or denied, your status continues and remains in effect indefinitely. 

To check on the status of your exemption request or update it, please visit

Students approved for an online-only class exemption cannot come to any MSU property during the semester, for any reason. Those in violation will face discipline, including and up to expulsion.

Appeal process

Faculty, students, and staff who applied for, but were denied, an exemption from the mandatory vaccine requirement may appeal the denial determination by following the appeal process in the vaccine verification form.