Return-to-Work Framework for Units

For those other administrative and academic functions that are deemed necessary to return to campus, a framework has been created to help guide them through that process. Those units must review and respond to the Return-to-Work Procedures and Protocols framework, which guides what steps need to be taken before bringing employees back to campus. Key parts of the framework include required training, expectations for personal protective equipment and physical distancing, cleaning and sanitation guidance and reporting requirements for those who experience COVID-19 symptoms or have a confirmed diagnosis.


  1. Unit leaders should review the framework and customize it for the specific needs of the unit with these minimum standards.
  2. Once the plan has been approved at the unit level, it should be sent for review to MSU Police Lt. Dave Oslund, the university’s emergency management coordinator, at
  3. After any revisions are made, the plan will be sent to us as co-chairs of the task force for final approval. Notifications then will be sent to relevant departments on campus, such as Environmental Health and Safety, Facilities Planning and Space Management and Infrastructure Planning and Facilities to ensure the buildings and relevant offices are ready for reopening.
  4. Units will provide a copy of the plan to each employee and will be required to conduct training.