Resources for Employees

Online learning, working and research
The Guide to Remote Access web resource provides support and resources to help faculty, staff, students and researchers as the university deals with the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Human Resources has an updated list of HR resources available to help employees and their families.

MSU staff, faculty, graduate student assistants and retirees (and the spouses and partners and benefits-eligible children of these people) have access to the MSU Employee Assistance Program, which at the moment is providing all of its counseling sessions over the phone or videoconferencing via Zoom. Please call 517-355-4506 to set up an appointment.

Employees also can still access MSU Health4U via videoconferencing. 

In addition, many local therapists have begun to provide telehealth (phone and/or videoconferencing therapy sessions) services as well. Please contact your insurance company to inquire about coverage.

International faculty, staff and visiting scholars can contact the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) for assistance.

All benefit-eligible employees have access to elevateU, a free learning resource that is available 24/7. MSU is encouraging employees to continue their professional development while working from home. A variety of resources are available in mobile-friendly formats and include courses, videos, books, audio books and more. Resources cover a range of topics, including productivity (desktop) tools, leadership and management development, communication strategies and project management. Employees will also find content to help make the shift to working remotely.

HR, WorkLife Office resources
With COVID numbers on the rise and schools going online, parents and caregivers are facing many challenges and stresses. This problem disproportionately impacts women, and over 50% of MSU employees are women (47% of faculty, 61% of staff). Many parents are feeling forced to consider abandoning their careers to reconcile the stresses. And the stress is having health impacts on our employees at every level.

HR has released the Supporting Caregivers @ MSU: Resources & Best Practices guide, which provides resources for supervisors and caregivers. It is meant to be used alongside the Staffing Decision-Making Guide and Return-to-Work Framework for units.

Other resources for caregivers and parents include:

  • Find trusted care providers. MSU faculty and staff can get free access to search for childcare, special needs care, tutoring help, private lessons, housekeeping, pet care and more. Learn how to get free access
  • Consultations: contact the WorkLife Office about work, career, and family questions, gather resources, and get referral information based on the conversation.
  • Backup Dependent Care for children and adult dependents: subsidized support for in-home and center-based care

The WorkLife Office also has compiled both background information and recommendations for dealing with these challenges including:

In addition, please remember to refer to the Temporary Accommodation Policy that mandates consideration for those at home with family care issues.