Resources for Employees

MSU staff, faculty, graduate student assistants and retirees (and the spouses and partners and benefits-eligible children of these people) have access to the MSU Employee Assistance Program. Please call 517-355-4506 to set up an appointment. Employees also can still access MSU Health4U

International faculty, staff and visiting scholars can contact the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) for assistance.

Other resources for employees include:

  • Find resources related to MSU's new remote work policy and flexible work arrangements here.  
  • Find trusted care providers. MSU faculty and staff can get free access to search for childcare, special needs care, tutoring help, private lessons, housekeeping, pet care and more. Learn how to get free access.
  • Consultations: contact the WorkLife Office about work, career, and family questions, gather resources, and get referral information based on the conversation.
  • Backup Dependent Care for children and adult dependents: subsidized support for in-home and center-based care.

The Wellbeing at Work guide provides evidence-based best practices to recruit and retain high-quality candidates and create healthier workplaces and teams, as we take care of our well-being and the well-being of each other. It is a tool to use from any position when thinking about strengthening a team or a unit.