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Right to Work legislation (Jan. 14, 2013)

Michigan State University has reviewed Public Act 348 of 2012 and Public Act 349 of 2012 (commonly referred to as “Right to Work” or “Workplace Fairness” and signed into law Dec. 11, 2012). These acts will not impact employee wages, benefits or the nature of the relationship between the university and its unions.

The primary impact is represented employees now have a choice with respect to paying union dues or fees. Specifically, employees may choose not to pay dues or fees but remain bargaining unit members and continue to be covered by their applicable union contract (including all provisions related to union representation).  

Public Acts 348 and 349 go into effect March 27, 2013, but would not apply to individual employers and bargaining units until the applicable collective bargaining agreement expires, or is renewed or extended. Therefore, there will be no changes at MSU to the union dues/fees collection process until 2014 at the earliest.