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Legionella detection at the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (Oct. 4, 2019)

During routine testing, MSU staff detected a higher than acceptable level of Legionella in one cooling tower at the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory on Beaumont Road. Safety protocols were immediately enacted including shutting down the heating and cooling system connected with the tower. There has been no harm to individuals, animals or the environment.

Per our rigorous protocols, a disinfection of the cooling tower and related equipment is underway and will continue throughout the weekend. All impacted areas will be tested again before the system is turned back on.

Please note, at this time there are no incidents or indications of Legionnaires' disease. The area where Legionella was detected does not come into contact with drinking water.

MSU conducts routine tests on all cooling towers to prevent any possible harmful exposure to the community and environment. This is the first detection of unacceptable levels at the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory since it was built.

-Emily Guerrant, MSU Spokesperson