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June 7, 2023: Message from Vice President and Chief Safety Officer on expanding MSU's safety and security network

Spartan Community, 

Our work on expanding Michigan State University’s safety and security network is progressing as we move into the summer months. I wanted to take a moment to share with you some of the work that has been completed since our last update to you in April. 

In the past month, we’ve taken the following actions: 

Strengthened our campus alert systems

MSU’s campus alert notification systems have been strengthened to include annunciations through our outdoor emergency weather sirens and MSU Green Light emergency phones located throughout campus. In the event of an emergency, these systems will be used to provide audible warnings and directions for those on our campus. This system is operational today, and we will complete a campuswide test of the system by the end of June. We will be sure to inform individuals on campus of our selected test date before it is conducted. MSU also is exploring the capabilities to use Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, to enable desk phones to be used as an audible alert notification for those in the office. 

In addition to these audible alert systems, MSU has implemented push notifications for the SafeMSU app so students, faculty, staff and guests also will receive emergency alert notifications through the app. MSU Department of Police and Public Safety will be testing this functionality on June 8. To ensure you receive these notifications, please enable push notifications for this application on your smart device. The app is available for free on the App Storeand Google Play.

Continuing door lock installations

MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities is installing hundreds of new classroom door locks that allow those inside the room to lock the door while letting emergency personnel with a physical key to enter. That work is ongoing throughout the summer, and we expect to have many of these locks installed by the start of the fall semester.

Completed initial steps of third-party after-action review

In March, we announced the university would undergo an independent third-party after-action review. That review is underway with Security Risk Management Consultants. The expert security firm has completed an on-campus visit and will now continue its work with virtual interviews before starting its review and analysis. These two next steps will take some time for the firm to complete, and we will keep you updated on its progress as this important work continues. 

Building out security operations center

We are continuing to stand up the security operations center on campus. We’ve recently identified top candidates to fill key roles within the centralized center, and we are completing the onboarding process for these individuals. Additionally, we are putting in place policies and procedures to ensure consistent and efficient real-time monitoring of security systems across our East Lansing campus and major satellite campuses across the state. 

To ensure consistent and efficient operations, MSU also has selected a vendor to begin the purchase, installation and integration of a single security management system, which will streamline all security systems into a single interface, including security cameras, electronic building access and other important unseen security systems.  

Continuing our progress

Your safety and well-being are our foremost priorities. We will continue to put measures in place that strengthen existing safety and security processes and actions and keep you informed about our progress. 

As we continue into the summer months, I hope you also take time to care for yourself and each other. Please remember our services through Counseling and Psychiatric Services and the Employee Assistance Program are available to you whether you’re spending your time near our campuses or elsewhere this summer. 


Marlon C. Lynch
Vice President and Chief Safety Officer