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Sept. 27, 2023: MSU athletic director terminates Mel Tucker, Office for Civil Rights case continues

Michigan State University Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Alan Haller, with the support of the interim president and the board of trustees, today terminated Mel Tucker’s employment contract. 

Specifically, the university terminated Tucker’s contract for his admitted and undisputed behaviors which have brought public disrespect, contempt and ridicule upon the university; and constitute a material breach of his agreement, and moral turpitude. 

Tucker’s termination follows the notice of intent to terminate that Haller provided Tucker Monday, Sept. 18, to which he failed to present adequate reasons to Haller and the interim president as to why he shouldn’t be terminated for cause.

“Simply put, Mr. Tucker’s response does not provide any information that refutes or undermines the multiple grounds for termination for cause set forth in the notice,” Haller said. “Instead, his 25-page response, which includes a 12-page letter from his attorney and a 13-page ‘expert report,’ provides a litany of excuses for his inappropriate behavior while expressly admitting to the problematic conduct outlined in the notice.”

The action to terminate Tucker’s contract does not conclude the ongoing MSU Office for Civil Rights case; that rigorous process will continue. A step-by-step chart is available on MSU’s Office for Civil Rights website which provides information on the timeline of a case – from report to resolution.

Acting Head Football Coach Harlon Barnett is being named interim head coach, subject to board approval during its October meeting.

Termination letter