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Jones Day completes breach of privacy investigation for MSU

The law firm hired by Michigan State University to investigate allegations of confidential information being inappropriately disclosed during a relationship violence and sexual misconduct investigation has concluded its review with no findings of an unauthorized disclosure.

Jones Day was contacted by the university Sept. 12 after a specific concern regarding a university investigation and the name of the claimant being possibly shared with the media. A full copy of the law firm’s report can be found here.

According to the report, “In sum, investigators, utilizing a preponderance of the evidence standard, have been unable to identify any Trustee, administrator, or employee of MSU who made an unauthorized disclosure of confidential information that led to the media’s awareness of the OIE Investigation or the complainant’s identity.”

Interim President Teresa K. Woodruff, Ph.D., thanked Jones Day for its investigation. 

“Maintaining privacy during our relationship violence and sexual misconduct investigations are of utmost importance, and we take this commitment very seriously,” Woodruff said. “It is disappointing to learn that a potential breach occurred and while no source was identified, we understand the importance of trust and are committed to working with integrity in each case.”

The Board of Trustees echoed the same sentiment.

“The Board of Trustees takes OIE investigations seriously and this report demonstrates the Board’s commitment to privacy that is essential to that process,” said Board Chair  Rema Vassar, Ph.D. “Now, we again fully devote our energies and attention to the roles and responsibilities articulated to shared governance that the board approved at the December meeting. We will continue listening to the Spartan community and holding ourselves accountable to the transparency that is necessary for a safer, more welcoming Michigan State University.”