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MSU Student Life & Engagement, Department of Police and Public Safety release statement on campus assault that occurred April 15

Community members,

Yesterday evening, you may have received an email from the MSU Department of Police and Public Safety regarding an incident on campus. Two MSU students were followed, leading to an altercation based on their sexual and racial identities. A timely warning was issued, and MSU DPPS is collaborating with its law enforcement partners to investigate this crime.

We recognize the impact this incident has had on our campus community, particularly among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning and/or queer, intersex, asexual and two-spirit Spartans and allies, as well as our Black/African American community. Occurring during Pride Month at MSU, this incident follows related concerns raised by students, underscoring its significance. We also know this has been an exceptionally challenging year for our Black students going back to this summer and throughout the academic year. We hear you and affirm our commitment to respect, compassion and acceptance for all. MSU stands with our LGBTQIA2S+ and Black Spartans and sends a clear message that violence is unacceptable.

We will continue to respond swiftly toward creating a supportive campus environment. In addition to initiating an Office for Civil Rights and Title IX Education and Compliance, or OCR, report, we have reached out directly to student organizations and convened meetings with campus leaders and stakeholders. While we may never get all the words perfect, we wanted to get this message to you quickly to enhance transparency into what is happening on campus.

The investigation remains ongoing, and we deeply value the support of our community during this time. It’s important to remember that victims are never responsible for the crimes committed against them. Discrimination or harassment, including hate crimes, based on protected identities can have a significant impact. We want everyone to know that they deserve to feel safe and respected. If you believe you have experienced such mistreatment, we strongly encourage you to come forward and report the incident(s) to OCR at Your voice matters, and we are here to support you.

Ensuring the overall safety of our university community is our top priority. If anyone receives a targeted or personal threat or has information relevant to the investigation, they should immediately contact the MSU Department of Police and Public Safety at 517-355-2221. In case of emergency, call or text 911.

As we navigate this challenging time in the final weeks of the semester, resources are available across campus to support those impacted and provide opportunities to process recent events, access necessary care and engage in dialogue. Students who have been affected can seek support from the Gender and Sexuality Campus Center, Office of Cultural and Academic Transitions and Counseling and Psychiatric Services.

It’s more important than ever to acknowledge and support one another.


Vennie Gore (he/him)

Senior Vice President for Student Life and Engagement


Doug Monette (he/him)

Interim Vice President and Chief Safety Officer